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New entries in EIT InnoEnergy’s equity portfolio H1 2023

During the first half of 2023, nine new innovative companies joined the EIT InnoEnergy equity portfolio.


Welcome Phytonics, Heliup, iON-Energy, FertigHy, Incitis, Navlandis, Beholder, Holosolis and Solaqua.


Climate tech has moved out of the periphery to become central to our economy and society. Despite a rocky start, climate tech investment remains in a good position in 2023. That’s why we are glad to see our portfolio growing and strengthening every quarter. Interestingly, in the first half of this year, renewables and PV companies have attracted our attention. Indeed, the sun is shining ☀️😎 .”- said Elena Bou, Co-Founder and Innovation Director of EIT InnoEnergy.


More info about the newcomers in our different portfolios:

Renewable Energies


Long-term, stable, multifunctional and anti-reflective coating for PV modules

Thanks to the bio-inspired hierarchical micro- / nanotextures of the Phytonics coating, incoming light can be captured almost completely. This is achieved with a highly durable and outdoor stable polymeric outer layer on the solar modules. The coating is applied in a roll-to-plate process on the glass sheets prior to the module fabrication process.

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Light durable PV panels

HELIUP produces a lightweight solar PV modules suitable for the large rooftops of commercial and industrial buildings. This innovative technology has been developed at CEA-LITEN and provides an insurable, reliable and efficient light solar PV solution compatible for buildings with load/structural limitations. The company also offers building owners and users means to better control their energy costs, bringing auto-consumption within reach.

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PV made in Europe, by Europeans for Europeans.

Holosolis will build Europe’s largest PV module gigafactory, in Moselle, France. The factory will have a production capacity of 5GW per year, producing 10 million photovoltaic modules annually. It will also employ 1,700 people.

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Solar-powered irrigation system without need of storage

SolaQua’s proprietary solution focuses on power electronics management, narrowing the gap between large PV installations and irrigation systems. An innovative business model facilitates the financing of PV powered irrigation projects by banks and investors. An advantage of the system is the creation of separate legal entities (SPVs) that connect all stakeholders and sources of finance through long-term purchasing agreements, without the need for initial investment by customers.

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Generating electricity from the Earth atmosphere

iON-ENERGY has succeeded in converting energy of the Earth atmosphere into electricity. Finally we can make a huge impact in the energy transition with the Energy Box, which will provide energy to your home.

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Green Hydrogen


A new player in low-carbon fertiliser production

FertigHy aims to produce affordable and low-carbon fertilisers for European farmers, answering directly to the recent challenges of the EU and global food security due to supply chain disruption and global uncertainties in natural gas supply.

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Circular Economy


AI for sustainable minerals exploration

Precise satellite imagery is the most efficient data source for minerals exploration available today. With AI processing and analyzing it becomes even more promising.

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Transport and mobility


A green revolution in urban freight distribution

INCITIS reinvents urban truck architecture with H2SPEED, specifically designed for urban use and delivery drivers. H2SPEED introduces a pioneering truck that can be completely loaded/unloaded on “even footing”, that is tailored to the variety and unpredictability of urban delivery, and that emits zero emissions and makes zero noise.

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Foldable shipping containers that reduce transport costs and CO2 emissions

Zbox are foldable shipping containers that occupy 80% less space than traditional containers when travelling empty. Transport costs and CO2 emissions can both be reduced. When travelling unfolded and full, they behave just like a traditional container.

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If you are interested to meet these innovative companies and 150 more in person, don’t miss the opportunity to come to our flagship event, The Business Booster 2023 which will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands 18 – 19 October. Focusing this year on The new Green Economy: balancing profit and purpose, the event will see investors, start-ups, major companies, and policy makers gather for a series of discussions on the most pressing industry issues, while showcasing 150+ innovative companies from EIT InnoEnergy’s portfolio. Register here.