Policy perspectives
Policy perspectives
Policy perspectives

Supporting a robust regulatory framework for the energy transition


Tremendous demand for decarbonisation technologies has been created through the setting of ambitious energy and climate policy targets by the European Union under its flagship European Green Deal. Securing domestic supply – of technology, manufacturing and the workforce – to meet this demand is now the priority.

The right regulatory and business environment that mobilises investment, creates jobs and enables frontrunners to get solutions to market faster is key. EIT InnoEnergy supports strong and robust sustainable energy and industrial policies to help accelerate decarbonisation, ensure supply chain resilience, energy affordability and that citizens at large benefit from the green transition.

Key EU targets set


overall emission reduction target by 2030


of energy consumption from renewable sources by 2030


reduced energy consumption by 2030


of clean tech to be made domestically by 2030


annual use of critical raw materials from recycling by 2030

Our focus areas

Around-the-clock renewable energy systems

Increasing demand for RES capacity is today not only driven by the individual consumer, but by industrial manufacturing and other critical sectors such as transport, buildings and construction too. To meet this new demand, we work towards the adaptation of existing energy systems – through electrification or renewable hydrogen for hard-to-abate sectors.

Made in the European Union

Europe’s green re-industrialisation is not only key to remaining competitive on the global stage, but also to sustaining long-term economic growth across the EU. We strive to put the right conditions in place to boost domestic manufacturing of climate technologies and job creation within the Single Market.

Innovation, refocused

As one of the global leaders in research and development, Europe has pioneered world-renowned R&D programmes over the past decades. We seek to better foster Europe’s leadership, and to connect the dots between innovation and long-term economic growth, to ensure frontrunners leading decarbonisation efforts thrive in Europe.
Supporting competitive sustainability in the EU

InnoEnergy leverages its wealth of cross-sectoral expertise to lead projects mandated by the European Union which support climate tech manufacturing in Europe, ensure Europe’s supply chain resilience in strategic sectors and help reskill the workforce for the transition.