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EcoBean raised 7 million euro to develop a pioneering biorefinery for a full valorisation of coffee grounds

EcoBean – a company supported by EIT InnoEnergy as well as investors from CofounderZone, CIECH Ventures and business angels from COBIN Angels – will obtain 7 million euro following the qualification for the European Funds for a Modern Economy (FENG) program. The funds will be used to develop an innovative technology for processing coffee grounds, including the construction of the EcoBean Technology Center.

About EcoBean

EcoBean is the most technologically advanced processor of coffee grounds into sustainable bio-based raw materials with a low carbon footprint. Through innovative solutions, the company aims to reduce the impact of the coffee and chemical industry on the environment, transforming used coffee grounds in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. The raw materials obtained in this way, including coffee oil, antioxidants, polylactide (PLA), lignin and protein additives, are used by such industries as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packaging and feed. As a spin-off of the Warsaw University of Technology, the company has advanced technologies enabling the highest valorisation of coffee grounds.

EcoBean Technology Center

Funds obtained through the FENG program will enable the company to launch the EcoBean Technology Center (ETC) – an intelligent and fully sustainable demonstration line with research and development facilities. The investment will allow for the development of new technological solutions, with an emphasis on industrial production and specialised chemical applications. Annually, ETC will be able to process up to 1,000 tons of used coffee grounds into high-margin bio-raw materials. To minimise the impact on the environment, the project will be implemented based on renewable energy, closed loop systems and advanced Digital Twin technology.

Marcin Koziorowski, CEO and Co-founder of EcoBean

‘At EcoBean, we firmly believe that this development heralds new possibilities in sustainable innovations and waste processing, with the EcoBean Technology Center poised to become a symbol of progress and a sustainable future,’ said Marcin Koziorowski, CEO and Co-founder of EcoBean.

Marcin Korolec, Member of the Advisory Board at EcoBean

‘I am glad that EcoBean has received funding that will allow the development of a biorefinery, accelerate the achievement of a profitable business model and lead to a reduction of the negative impact on the environment, which is particularly important in the face of the climate crisis. I am also satisfied that EcoBean has been recognized for the innovative solutions that help accelerate the circular economy,’ commented Marcin Korolec, Member of the Advisory Board at EcoBean.

FENG program

The FENG program supports innovation by focusing on research and development projects aimed at green transformation. Out of over 1,500 applications, only 198 projects, including EcoBean, have qualified for funding. The value of the funding will amount to PLN 31.1 million.