A partnership with ManpowerGroup
Enhancing your company with skilled, green talent
A partnership with ManpowerGroup
Enhancing your company with skilled, green talent
A partnership with ManpowerGroup
Enhancing your company with skilled, green talent


A global talent gap

By 2030, the green transition is expected to create up to 30 million new jobs. The number of people employed (directly or indirectly) in the renewable energy sector was 12 million in 2020, but this figure will need to grow to 38 million by 2030 in order meet demand.



of employers globally say they
are struggling to find the
skilled talent they need*


of employers globally claim they
do not have the skilled talent to
achieve their (ESG) goals*


of the global workforce will
need upskilling and reskilling
before 2027**

Skilling and scaling

Manpower and InnoEnergy are joining forces to tackle talent scarcity in the sustainable energy sector. With Manpower bringing global solutions for sourcing green talent faster and at scale, and InnoEnergy providing skills intelligence, tailored training programs, and industry-recognised certifications, we aim to upskill 800,000 individuals by 2025.



We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organisation’s needs, pinpointing key job roles and essential skills through our skills intelligence framework. We leverage global market insights to craft a (GTM) strategy for talent attraction.
We identify the skills necessary for the future workforce and propose learning journeys designed to equip talent with the readiness to excel in their job roles. Our training programs lead to industry-recognised certifications, validating the acquired skills to meet industry standards.
We ensure a smooth onboarding experience for new hires, including contracting, coaching, and developing talent. This improves the overall experience for both candidates and hiring managers and ensures new hires can begin working straight away.

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Simple and effective recruitment solutions

Enhancing your company with skilled, green talent will bring you closer to achieving your sustainability targets. It also leads to:

Decreased time to hire and streamlined processes

A meaningful and sustainable candidate experience

Identification of optimal talent sources across various industries

Reduced time to productivity with minimal transition time

Well-trained teams boost creativity, productivity and retention

Enhanced employer branding that showcases environmental responsibility

A qualified workforce that prioritises safety, compliance and excellence

Green target achievement thanks to an organisation empowered by a skilled workforce

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