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European Master’s in Nuclear Energy
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Second year universities
European Master’s in Nuclear Energy


Embark on a transformative journey with our English-taught Master’s in Nuclear Energy, designed to propel you to the forefront of the global energy transition.


This programme offers a deep dive into advanced nuclear technologies that are reshaping the power landscape with unprecedented speed and scalability, addressing Europe’s pressing energy security needs. Nuclear energy, endorsed by global authorities like the IPCC, stands as a key player in the quest to limit global warming. As the demand for skilled engineers grows, our programme prepares you to be the change-maker in driving a low or post-carbon future. Seize the opportunity to become a leader in creating a sustainable, secure, and thriving energy world. 


The first pillar of your learning journey, consisting of your first and second year universities, additional certifications, thesis and industry consulting projects…


When you join InnoEnergy, you become part of the network of the #1 investor in sustainable energy in the Europe recognised by numerous rankings:



And finally, through your Master’s in Nuclear Energy, you’ll be joining a diverse and multicultural community, with students and alumni from over 100 nationalities. Networking is key to success, which is why you will reap the benefits of joining our community from day one. Our CommUnity+ initiative fosters knowledge-sharing, vision, and unparalleled connections in a vibrant, supportive network that will help you grow both personally and professionally. Activities you will automatically have access to include, but are not limited to: 


  • Welcome Groups: Connect with peers before joining the programme. 
  • Webinars: Gain insights from experts.  
  • Social Activities: Build lasting friendships and connections.  
  • Local/Topic Chapters: Engage in specialized discussions.  
  • Student Council: Have a voice in shaping your experience.  
  • Expert Talks: Learn from industry leaders.  
  • Student-Led Initiatives: Drive your own projects and ideas.

Admission requirements

Would you like to increase your chances of being admitted? Check out the programme specific requirements for the Master’s in Nuclear Energy below.

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Ready to shape the future of energy? Unlock your potential with our Master’s in Nuclear Energy. Gain a competitive edge through cutting-edge collaborations, hands-on experiences, and a vibrant peer network. Take the first step to drive innovation and change and carve a path towards a rewarding career in the renewable energy sector. Apply now and be part of the energy revolution.  


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