Battery / Storage
Comprehensive Battery Training Programmes
Battery / Storage
Comprehensive Battery Training Programmes
Battery / Storage
Comprehensive Battery Training Programmes

Discover Our Complete Battery Training Programmes

Step into the future of green innovation with our comprehensive battery training programmes covering the entire battery value chain.  From introductory content suitable for marketing functions or community awareness initiatives to non-technical insights for executives navigating the economic and regulatory landscape, and technical knowledge for engineers and technicians transitioning into specialised roles within the battery value chain.

Learning Journeys

We offer 70 curated learning journeys within the battery sector. These journeys are designed to enhance and refine the skills of your workforce, ensuring learners are equipped to excel in their roles and meet the demands of your business. Upon completion of each course, learners receive a Certificate of Completion, validating their newly acquired skills. Additionally, our services include personalised learning experiences and custom content creation to meet the unique needs of your team. Empower your workforce with our tailored learning solutions, designed to address the specific challenges and requirements of your industry.

Levels of Expertise

Whether you’re new to the field or an industry professional, we offer training tailored to your expertise level.

Introductory / Awareness Level

The courses offer foundational understanding of battery storage and electrification of energy grids and can help foster trust and shared understanding among the workforce without delving immediately into technical content.


Overview of content:

  • Battery Storage Basics
  • Fundamentals on Batteries
  • Battery Storage and the Energy Transition
  • Understanding Energy Storage: the Battery Revolution
  • Battery Storage Opportunities and Uses
  • Energy Systems Integration: an Introduction
  • Energy Systems Integration: the Future of Transport
  • Energy Systems Integration: Evolution in Electricity Grids
  • Introduction to Battery Safety

Non-Technical Level

These courses are a comprehensive suite of business and energy ecosystem-focused certificates that delve deeper into various battery applications such as grid storage, electric vehicles (EVs), home use, and industrial settings, as well as data and energy analytics.


Overview of content:

  • Energy Storage: the Battery Revolution
  • Battery Storage Applications
  • Managing Energy Data: Advanced Analytics
  • Battery Storage Value Chain
  • Energy Systems Transformation
  • Battery storage: Business Models, Market and Regulation
  • Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector
  • Data Science for Energy Engineers

Technical Level

Gain vital technical knowledge for the battery domain, such as battery management systems, battery testing, and safety and security. Whether for a technician to advance their knowledge or for an engineer or technical manager to reskill, our certificates provide the necessary expertise to excel in the battery field.


Overview of content:

  • Battery Management, Connection and Control
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Battery Testing
  • Materials to Electrodes
  • Electrodes to Cells
  • Introduction to Solid-State Batteries
  • Power Convertors and Efficiency in Battery Applications


Our comprehensive programmes expertly cover a broad range of battery skills and content areas, while providing options for learners to deepen their knowledge through hands-on battery labs.


Overview of content:

  • Battery Storage Expert
  • Battery Technician

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