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The InnoEnergy Skills Institute is one of Europe’s leading training skills providers for the sustainable energy workforce, spanning energy storage, photovoltaics, and green hydrogen. Inspired and informed by the dynamic clean energy ecosystem of EIT InnoEnergy, we equip the global workforce with the expertise and skills required to create a sustainable economy, distilling our unrivalled knowledge and know-how into relevant, applicable, and effective modular training courses. Our agility and expertise transform the skills of today’s workforce into those needed for a clean tomorrow.

270 lessons

80 courses and programmes

29 certificates

70 learning journeys

10 languages our training is available in

50,000 workers trained and upskilled

40 industry partners

50 experts

from industry and academia

Skill Training Solutions
Our expertise is backed by a range of sector experts, alliances and partnerships that help us deliver innovative and highly effective skills training that drives the global transformation of the sustainable energy sector – covering energy storage, photovoltaics, green hydrogen and many other forms of clean technology. Our agile processes and AI ensure that we remain relevant, trusted partners to customers around the world. To learn more about the full suite of training solutions, contact us using the form below.
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Introduction to Batteries

Build your basic knowledge and the gain insights needed to understand the importance and basic working principles of battery technologies.
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Electrical Mobility

Learn about the electrification of the transportation system and how this development affects the overall energy system.
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Basic Technical Battery Characteristics

Explore the main components of a battery, its function, and the important parameters that we should know in order to evaluate its performance.
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Introduction to Power Electric Converters

Discover why we need power converters, learn about the basic principles of power conversion and explore the various types of power converters available.
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Introduction to Managing Energy Data

Build your knowledge of the data science process in the context of energy and learn how to manage and develop a data science process to effectively increase value in your company.
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Basic Concepts of Electrical Systems

Prepare yourself for your chosen profession by building a strong foundation in electrical circuits and their functions. This course offers essential introductory knowledge to help you confidently engage with electrical systems.
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Battery Management System Role in Battery Safety

Master the intricacies of monitoring, preventing hazards, and ensuring resilient battery systems.

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General Battery Safety for Consumer

Build general knowledge to recognize and reduce risks associate with batteries and respond to emergencies involving lithium-ion batteries.
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Electric Vehicle Basics for Consumers

Learn to analyse your own situation to make informed decisions about electric vehicle (EV) purchase and usage.

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Photovoltaics and Battery Storage for Consumers

Gain the knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and utilizing photovoltaic systems and battery storage.

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