Introduction to Battery Safety Course
Explore the Essentials of Battery Safety
Introduction to Battery Safety Course
Explore the Essentials of Battery Safety
Introduction to Battery Safety Course
Explore the Essentials of Battery Safety

Mastering Battery Safety: Your Key to Industry Success

In any industry, health and safety is the number one priority. As the need for efficient batteries is growing fast, it’s vital to know how to handle them safely — especially since the consequences of not doing so can be extremely dangerous.

Here we cover everything you need to know about InnoEnergy Skills Institute’s Introduction to Battery Safety course, including who it is for and what specific job roles it is most suited to.

Who is the course for?

This course is relevant for any worker involved in fabricating, handling, transporting, storing, or disposing of batteries. Safety measures are paramount for any employee across the battery value chain, but particularly for technicians and engineers who have the most hands-on contact with batteries.

Our Introduction to Battery Safety course is a comprehensive introduction for:

  • Battery Safety Officers
  • Calibration technicians
  • Battery Test Technicians
  • Cell Assembly Technicians
  • Battery Assembly Technicians
  • Testing engineers
  • Quality system engineers
  • Control systems engineers

What will you learn?

Our Introduction to Battery Safety course is both detailed and broad — it addresses any issues related to regulations (EU-OSHA), whilst going above and beyond what is strictly necessary for you to stay compliant. Our experts highlight the dedication and keen awareness needed to maintain a safe environment.

 The main topics covered are:

  • Administrative and engineering safety controls
  • Safety risks in producing, handling, transporting, storing, or recycling battery cells or battery packs
  • Ensuring safety compliance at any stage of battery cell or battery pack manufacturing and disposal
  • Appropriate PPE to comply with safety protocols
  • Relevant safety regulations to ensure compliance

Lesson breakdown

  • Lesson 1: General Safety: Regulation, Roles, Responsibilities, and Controls
  • Lesson 2: Battery Fundamentals
  • Lesson 3: Battery Cell Production Process
  • Lesson 4: Battery Pack Production Process
  • Lesson 5: Battery and Cell Charging and Testing
  • Lesson 6: Handling and Storage of Batteries and Cells
  • Lesson 7: Safe Shipping and Transportation of Batteries
  • Lesson 8: Waste Management and Recycling


How do our lessons work?

Our lessons are designed to educate learners of all skill levels. They’re interactive and engaging, with short videos that help to illustrate the concepts further.

We have downloadable resources available to enable learners to review material beyond the online learning environment — plus ungraded test questions so participants can assess their understanding and highlight any gaps.

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