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Anti-reflective coating for PV panels

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Solar PV
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Long-term, stable, multifunctional and anti-reflective coating for PV modules
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The need

A significant amount of light is lost as it is reflected off the outer surface of solar modules. This not only reduces power output, but the glare and glint of reflected light limits the potential areas of PV installations.

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The solution

Thanks to the bio-inspired hierarchical micro- / nanotextures of the Phytonics coating, incoming light can be captured almost completely. This is achieved with a highly durable and outdoor stable polymeric outer layer on the solar modules. The coating is applied in a roll-to-plate process on the glass sheets prior to the module fabrication process.

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The value proposition

  • Solar modules with the phytonics coating are absolutely glare-free.
  • PV installations can cover large areas: around airports, along motorways and on many rooftops.
  • Coated modules offer a higher power output of up to 10% over the year.
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Phytonics GmbH
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