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3 reasons to choose EIT InnoEnergy’s Master’s in Energy Storage

The battery storage market across Europe is developing at break-neck speed. The continent expects to increase its production capability 20-fold in the next seven years.[1] This growth will be delivered by a new wave of experts that need to be trained in the skills of tomorrow. This is where EIT InnoEnergy’s new master’s in energy storage comes in. Read on to find out why you should apply.



As the energy system continues to decarbonise and decentralise, it becomes more complex which will inevitably require a new type of expert. The demand for skilled workers is only going to increase and more people will need to be trained, potentially for jobs that don’t even exist yet! The battery storage market could create 100,000 new jobs every year. By undertaking EIT InnoEnergy’s Master’s in Energy Storage, graduates are putting themselves on the path to career success; the master’s in energy storage delivers that new expert. Graduates get a comprehensive understanding of the battery storage landscape, placing them at the front of the queue for any potential jobs in the sector.


Anticipating the growing need for renewable energy storage, companies such as Northvolt are taking a lead. With EIT InnoEnergy as its co-investor, Northvolt has already secured a 350 million euro loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) this year to accelerate the construction of Europe’s biggest battery plant. The operation of such scale also means a serious demand for the new-generation technical knowledge and skill set!

As a key partner to the European Battery Alliance, EIT InnoEnergy understands the needs of the market and has designed a course to deliver those skills that are in the highest demand. The master’s in energy storage delivers knowledge and skills to those who will be leading the battery revolution, setting them up for a successful career journey.

Broad curriculum

The key to job success comes from a broad range of skills.


Students will be taught a unique blend of chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering along with entrepreneurial skills. Graduates will have a complete understanding of battery storage solutions and when and how to deploy them, preparing them for the challenges and complexities that decarbonising the energy system brings.


Decarbonising the grid will need multiple solutions. This is why incremental and fundamental battery innovations are taking place. Whether the future lies in solid-state batteries or lithium-ion batteries or something new yet to be invented, one thing is certain; the battery storage market will continue to grow and develop over the coming years.


While innovation leads to opportunity, it also means graduates need to be well versed in the technology, processes and science that could deliver future success. Working in such an innovative and quickly changing world requires individuals to see problems from multiple angles and to adapt to changing scenarios. This depth of knowledge ensures decisions on how to take an idea through to market is based on a blend of both scientific and entrepreneurial understanding.


By design, a broad course is attractive and suitable to a large pool of backgrounds. Undoubtedly, a background in engineering helps but anyone with an interest in storage or energy can apply and gain real value from the master’s in energy storage. This gives students the chance to meet and socialise with people from different backgrounds and areas of interest. But the benefit are not necessarily just extra-curricular. By bringing students together from across the global, we create rich cultural diversity which feeds into the way we approach challenges and solve problems together. In a sector where so much can change, being adaptable, and having the skills to see things from others’ point of view is a real bonus.


The course’s breadth helps here, but so does its variety. Teaching is split between leading universities giving students exposure to more cultures and teaching styles. At this embryonic stage for the battery storage market, there are limited experts in the field, which makes the master’s in energy storage a unique experience. Students gain unrivalled access to best-in-class knowledge from world-renowned storage experts, and combines it with experience in chemical processes, bio fuels and more, all in one course.

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