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BASQUEVOLT, backed by EIT InnoEnergy, unveils Europe’s first innovation centre to develop 100% European solid-state battery technology

The breakthrough in solid-state battery technology could drive a potential 30% cost reduction compared to lithium-ion batteries.

BASQUEVOLT, a specialist in solid-state technology for mobility and stationary energy storage applications, backed by EIT InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, an institution of the European Union, has revealed its research and development centre will deliver 100% European solid-state battery technology by the end of 2023.
In cooperation with the CIC energiGUNE, its advanced research partner, the company has been testing its first multilayer cells since last April, demonstrating that its technology can reach a very high energy density (1,000 Wh/l and 450 Wh/kg), while significantly reducing overall battery pack costs. BASQUEVOLT battery cells can be produced through a more efficient less complex process, creating a 30% reduction in the capital investment needed per GWh in a gigafactory and 30% less energy used per kWh produced, compared to lithium-ion batteries.

Francisco Carranza, BASQUEVOLT’s Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Today´s unveiling represents a significant milestone for BASQUEVOLT and reaffirms our position as a pioneer in the European solid-state industry. Our dedicated research and development team has successfully overcome technical challenges to deliver a cost competitive solid-state battery technology that offers a very high energy density. This breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize multiple sectors, including transportation and energy storage. We remain committed to further refining our solid-state battery technology and collaborating with industry partners to bring this innovation to the market, driving positive change on a global scale.”

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