For accepted students
For accepted students
For accepted students



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Accept the offer

Have you been accepted? Congratulations. Now it’s time to accept the offer.

I'm in. What's next?
Official documents

Check our step by step guide to validate your application documents.

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Agreement & payments

How to pay your participation fee and sign the Student Agreement before arrival.

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Prepare your arrival

Check all the information available and prepare your arrival and your first year university.

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For accepted students

Congratulations! You are one step closer to starting your EIT InnoEnergy journey. By now, you should have received an acceptance letter. Do you have questions about it? Check out this video explaining all the details included.


What’s next?


  • Reply to the offer within a week of receiving your letter and pay the registration fee.
  • Send officially certified copies of the required documents.
  • Join the EIT InnoEnergy CommUnity (students who have accepted an offer for intake 2024 and paid the registration fee will be granted access to the platform) for information about upcoming events, forums, city guides and more. There is a special group for intake 2024 students and a group for support with housing!
  • Ensure you sign the Student Agreement and make the necessary participation fee payments before starting the programme.
  • Find all the information about starting at your first-year university and city.

Reply to the study offer within a week

Once admitted, you will need to confirm that you are interested in our offer. Visit the applications portal and accept the offer within a week.


If you have applied for more than one Master’s programme, you may get two study offers by email. You will need to choose one offer. Sometimes the offers are sent at different times. We encourage you to accept the first offer you receive. If you receive a second offer, you can change your reply to the second programme if desired.


You will also need to pay a registration fee of €295 within two weeks of receiving your acceptance letter. This confirms your place on the programme. The fee is non-refundable but it is transferable between programmes for the same intake. Your acceptance letter will contain details of how to make this payment.


Once you have paid the registration fee, you can join the EIT InnoEnergy CommUnity and benefit from:


  • Joining the group “Applicants intake 2024″  to meet and get connected with your future peers.
  • Additional information about upcoming events, forums, city guides, CommUnity activities and more.
  • A housing support group with tips and tricks on searching for accommodation in your year 1 city.


Once you have confirmed your offer and paid the registration fee, you will be granted Applicant (limited) access to the CommUnity, which may take 2-3 days to process. If you haven’t received access to the platform, please contact our CommUnity representatives at for assistance.

Send officially certified copies of all the required documents

Once accepted in one of our Master’s programmes, you will need to send, by post, certified copies of


  • Your Bachelor’s degree certificate (and Master’s if applicable)
  • Your final Bachelor’s degree transcript of records (and Master’s if applicable)


A certified copy is a photocopy of your original document that has been stamped and signed to confirm that it is a true copy of the original document. The certified copies need to meet one of the following criteria:


  • It is issued directly by the university, with stamp & signature physically put on EACH paper (original ink imprint, not printed!); or
  • It is attested by an authorised person/organisation in your country, such as a notary public, with stamp & signature physically put on EACH paper page (original ink imprint, not printed!); or
  • It contains an online verification link, digital signature or verification code that can be used for verification by our Admissions Office, in which case a simple or digital copy (required in case of digital signatures) would suffice.


Questions? Download our guide for certified copies. Important: please check additional country-specific document requirements. Read more below.


Student agreement & payments

Once you have accepted your offer and paid your registration fee, you will receive an invoice with instructions to pay the participation fee. Do you need supporting documentation for a loan application? Or would you like to pay earlier for visa reasons? Get in touch with us through:


The student agreement will be sent to you by iSE Foundation via Adobe e-sign. It means you can sign it digitally. For students starting in September/October 2023, the agreement will be sent in June/July 2023. 


The student agreement details your rights and obligations for studying in an EIT InnoEnergy Master’s programme, and it contains information among others about your mobility during the programme and your scholarship (if applicable).


This document details the relation between you – the student – , and the iSE Foundation – the organisation in charge of the administrative and financial issues regarding the EIT InnoEnergy programme.


First year universities

Congratulations on being accepted to our programmes. You are one step closer to shaping your future in sustainable energy. Select your university from the list below and check out all the details in preparation for your arrival.


Important: each year 1 and year 2 universities may have different document requirements to enrol locally. Please check the university admission letter or get in touch with the local university representative for more information.

When do the welcome activities start?
When do the classes start?
When is the last date that I need to be at the university?
Where can I find the Academic calendar?
When is the last date that I need to have the BSc degree?
When will the admissions letter from the university be sent to me?
Will I be charged any extra fee at the university (ex. student union...)?
Where can I find help with preparation for my first year university?
Who is my university contact for the first year?
Where can I contact other students in the programme before starting the programme?
How do I obtain the degree certificate of KTH upon completion of the programme?
Can you help me with accommodation?
Is health insurance covered by the programme?
Visa Information
Any other question