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French start-up Dom’innov, awarded eco-innovative company by the PEXE

Press release

On April 4, Dom'innov participated in the 10th National Forum of Eco-Enterprises at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Paris.

Organised by PEXE, the association for cleantech companies in France, in partnership with the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), the event brought together the players of the cleantech sector to promote the deployment of concrete solutions for the ecological and energy transition. More than 500 participants (SMEs, start-ups, public and private clients, investors, research institutes, competitiveness clusters), including InnoEnergy, met around conferences and business meetings.

Dom'Innov presented its BLOKIWOOD solution as part of the innovation showcases and was awarded the Trophy of the Eco-innovative company in the energy efficiency category. Three other categories welcomed applications: sustainable water management and ecosystems, waste and circular economy, renewable energies.

Dom'Innov has demonstrated its ability to develop solutions for buildings with high energy performance, 100% biobased, with a strong industrialisation of the process, made of 100% French raw materials from renewable resources, adaptable to all buildings, all areas of employment, all types of companies, usable worldwide.

In this context, the company is currently organising a major fundraising that will allow to develop tools of design and production in order to position its innovative material as one of the most relevant on the market, both qualitatively and economically.