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eBikeLabs has just launched a crowdfunding campaign

eBikeLabs opens its capital to individuals and professionals to make e-bikes accessible to everyone

The health crisis we are going through reinforces social commitments of citizens and businesses, and confirms the future boom in sustainable mobility.

A Grenoble-based tech start-up eBikeLabs opens its capital to individuals and professionals concerned about the environmental and health risks linked to transport.

“The mobility revolution requires a change in the way we move in cities and shared electric bicycles are the best solution to make it happen if they become easily accessible for users and intelligent for fleet operators," says Maël Bosson, founder of eBikeLabs.

An innovation that solves main challenges for e-bike sharing mobility operators

To solve main challenges for e-bike sharing operators, which are high e-bike cost, theft and maintenance costs,  eBikeLabs has developed an embedded software that allows to remotely control the e-bike motor and provide such services as unbreakable anti-theft, optimized battery usage and increased battery life, remote diagnosis of all e-bike electrical parts and corrective maintenance, intuitive electrical assistance, etc.

eBikeLabs’  secret sauce is to replace or improve e-bike hardware components, using embedded software and artificial intelligence techniques. This software increases e-bikes capabilities while eliminating malfunctions. eBikeLabs is the first company to bring intelligence to the heart of e-bikes in a cost-conscious way, doing better with less.

A reliable and recognized innovation driven by a citizen's initiative

With already 500 bicycles equipped in Europe via private individuals, corporate fleets and health centres, eBikeLabs now wishes to accelerate its industrialisation and confirms its presence on a European scale.

Supported by EIT InnoEnergy, ADEME and accelerated by Toyota Tsusho Europe and Allianz group, eBikeLabs now gives as many people as possible access to a sustainable initiative. "We have always had a community-based approach," explains Cyrille Romera, co-founder and CFO of eBikeLabs. A community of more than 100 investors has already invested €1.2 million and has enabled the company to raise more than €3 million in total. Citizen engagement is at the heart of the company's early successes.

The funds raised on WiSEED will be complemented by BA and banks to surpass a 7-figure amount and transform urban mobility into a flourishing reality.