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Date of publication: 2020.12.01

Energy Winter School

Energy Winter School – Digitalization in Energy



You describes that the objective include: lead, design and organize (point 3) Energy Winter School. What that means?

Q1. Is the goal of preparing online training?

A1. The provider has the complete freedom to select the delivery format of the winter school taking into account the optimal learning efficiency and learning journey while taking in to account special circumstances such as the status of the pandemic at the time of delivery.

Q2.  The audience is very broad, so how I will know the level of their knowledge about digialization in energy?

A2. The target audience consists of graduate students in engineering and young professionals in energy engineering that need to acquire digital skills for being successful in the sustainable energy sector.

To assess the prior knowledge, the provider is free to introduce pre-course assessments, set workshop prerequisites 

Q3. Is it my responsibility to enroll participants and prepare marketing materials (in case that you’ve write about organize (point 3)?

A3. No this will be done by EIT InnoEnergy.


Q1.  I am an energy expert at HORIZON2020 and EASME. Is it a conflict of interests?

A1. No

Q2.  Should I have an education in the field of digitization if my field is energy efficiency and my doctoral dissertation focused on decentralized power supply to buildings?

A2. We do expect you to bring in  top expert and bring relevant teaching cases in digitalisation of energy systems.  

Q3. I run a sole proprietorship – can I enter the tender?

A3. Yes

Q4. When does the course start and end?

A4. The dates are not fixed yet but we plan a course between January 15th and February 15th, 2021.

Q5. How many training courses should be prepared?

A5. For the moment we foresee 2 editions: one during the winter for master school students and one during the summer for young professionals.

Q6. How long should a single training session be – 90 minutes like academic time?

A6. The format of delivery is to be decided by the teacher and course designer.

Q7. How many online lessons should be in the winter session

A7. The course provider can decide upon the detailed design which includes the ratio between online and face-to-face learning activities.

The only restriction is that the winter school will have a face-to-face part of 1 week between January 15th and February 15th.

The face-to-face session can be preceded of followed by online modules

Deadline for submission proposals: 2020-10-08
Deadline postponed to (if applicable): -
Clarification session (if applicable): -
For further information, please contact:
Please submit proposals to:
Intended date of notification: 2020-10-09
Closing tender: 2020-10-09