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InnoBlog: All you need to know as a first-year EIT InnoEnergy master’s student

Just like yesterday, I can vividly recall bidding farewell to my beloved Nigeria, eagerly setting foot on European soil to pursue my dream course. It was the pinnacle of excitement and anticipation, the manifestation of a lifelong aspiration. And now, here I stand, victorious at the finish line of my first year—a feeling so surreal that I couldn’t resist penning down my thoughts and sharing this thrilling blog post with you. As I prepare to embark on my second year, this time in vibrant Spain, I wanted to impart some invaluable tips and reflections from my own transformative journey, ensuring you make the most of your first year.

Learning beyond the classroom

Let me unveil a world of boundless opportunities awaiting you… far beyond the confines of traditional classroom learning!


Within this global network of EIT InnoEnergy, you’ll find a multitude of ways to get involved, ranging from grasping leadership positions to offering your support. By engaging in this dynamic community, you’ll connect with like-minded students, alumni, and change agents dedicated to the cause of energy sustainability. It’s a powerful platform that propels you towards personal growth while fostering a global network that knows no bounds.


But wait, there’s more! Let me to introduce you to the legendary Battle of the Green Talent. As an EIT InnoEnergy student or alumnus, this competition is your golden ticket to transform your innovative ideas into thriving sustainable energy businesses. Picture yourself spending six months surrounded by brilliant peers, virtual investors, and seasoned advisors—all united in their unwavering support for your success. This extraordinary opportunity empowers you to breathe life into your brightest ideas and create a tangible impact. As a first-year student, you’ll gain exclusive entry into this competition, either showcasing your own talent or becoming an investor in this electrifying event.

My Reflection Toolkits

As time sweeps you away on its relentless current, your journey as an EIT InnoEnergy Master’s student will be laden with coursework essential to your profession. However, the value you gain extends far beyond the realms of educational knowledge. You will develop vital interpersonal skills, starting with the art of time management. Balancing your academic responsibilities with a thriving social life becomes second nature, diminishing the grip of procrastination and enhancing your effectiveness in delivering results.


Collaboration becomes your secret weapon as teamwork takes centre stage in almost all your projects and assignments. Choosing the right team and cultivating a harmonious working relationship with each member becomes paramount to achieving triumph in every endeavour. The synergy of minds and collective efforts will be the catalyst for success, propelling you to achieve extraordinary outcomes.


And let’s not forget the art of captivating presentations. Whether you’re a polished orator or someone yearning to refine their skills, EIT InnoEnergy is the ideal platform to hone your presentation tactics. Every project and assignment will demand not only impressive slides but also your ability to captivate and enthrall your audience. Embrace this opportunity to showcase your brilliance and leave an indelible mark.

A Glimpse into My Time Capsule

Time, they say, flies when you’re immersed in an extraordinary journey. As I prepare to bid adieu to Sweden in the coming months and embark on my second year, I want to commemorate my unforgettable one-year sojourn with a sprinkle of Swedish phrases.


Tack och kan inte vänta på att du ska engagera dig i mitt kommande inlägg.


by Eziagbor Osele, EIT InnoEnergy student