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InnoBlog: Why Learning Business as an Engineer

One might think that business and engineering studies have little in common. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Both disciplines can complement each other, enabling engineers to develop unique solutions to a wide variety of challenges. We asked InnoEnergy Masters+ students to share their journeys in acquiring a diverse set of skills and how these have helped them grow exponentially in their professional lives.

Academics+ at ESADE

As part of the Masters in Renewable Energy programme, students have the unrivalled opportunity to join ESADE Business School, one of the world’s top centres for management and business education. Ishan Bahalkar attending UPC: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya remarks: “In my opinion, ESADE helps develop management and leadership skills which are missing in most of our technical education.” He also notes the advantage of having a business development or management background during job interviews. Similarly, Rachel Ebenezer from École Polytechnique shares: “I can make more sound technical decisions by keeping the business aspect in mind, which I believe will be a huge asset in my career.” Her work experience has also underscored the importance of being both technically and commercially strong. From KTH, Sebastian Alba reflects on other opportunities within the programme: “Networking has been a new and vital area of learning for me. I’ve come to understand that business success isn’t only about hard work but also about building connections. Recognising the significance of networking has been a crucial step in my career path, as it helps me create opportunities and expand my professional circle.” The students’ experiences clearly show that having a business background can open up a new set of opportunities in the industry.

Academics+ at UnternehmerTUM

Affiliated with the Technical University of Munich, UnternehmerTUM is also part of the innovation and entrepreneurship journey that EIT InnoEnergy offers. Students who have participated in the workshops during their first year share their insights. “As engineers, we tend to forget the human part of the solutions we generate. The innovation sprint encouraged us to generate human-centric solutions by conducting empathy studies and using design thinking methods to ensure we create a product that stays true to the user’s needs,” says Dario dos Santos. Entrepreneurial training not only provides students with a new perspective but also allows them to develop a new set of skills. William Albuquerque mentions, “During this process, I learned a lot about trusting my colleagues, communicating with them, dealing with frustration, and understanding my own limitations.” He adds, “If during my bachelor’s I learned that engineers have to propose solutions to problems faced by society, my experience in Munich taught me that entrepreneurs do the same with a different approach.”

Best of both worlds

Learning business alongside engineering has equipped students with invaluable perspectives and skills. Within InnoEnergy’s ecosystem, they stand out as unique professionals capable of integrating social, technical, and economic considerations into their solutions. Engineers with a solid business foundation can provide holistic solutions to complex challenges. The experiences shared by these students offer a glimpse into the diverse opportunities and profound growth potential that this journey affords.