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Views from the inside: What it’s like to intern at EIT InnoEnergy shareholder company Schneider Electric!

EIT InnoEnergy Master School gives students access to the most dynamic, diverse and vibrant community in sustainable energy through their innovation ecosystem – including big industry players such as Schneider Electric. And some of these students have been lucky enough to do their thesis at this EIT InnoEnergy shareholder company! Let’s hear from two of them to see what it’s like to work with this leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation.

A perfect fit

MSc in Energy for Smart Cities students Anujraaj Gopalsamy Sakthivel and Ismam Bin Hasnat share their stories. Anuj says, “It’s a great experience to work with this leader with their strong reputation for innovation and sustainability. They actively engage with EIT InnoEnergy students and seem to have a high opinion of them from a hiring point of view. I initially met them at the Enlit event in Frankfurt, where I participated in the Career Impact Challenge – and then got to know more about their projects through EIT InnoEnergy community events and a student who had interned there. I was interested in what they’re doing in e-mobility and knew it was the place for me!” Ismam adds: “Since Schneider Electric is a big name worldwide with origins in Grenoble, I was enthusiastic to intern there, too. During our coursework at Grenoble INP ENSE3, we had several sessions with experts from Schneider conducting lectures on smart grids/cities/power generation that really grabbed me. Also, an alumnus (who did his internship there) explained their great work culture.”

Working at Schneider

Ismam shares life on the inside: “My supervisor and the whole team are very supportive and amiable – always looking out for me. They ensure I am engaged as much as possible and learn to the best of my ability. And it is not just the work; we do everything together as a team – have lunch, coffee breaks, and go for walks to stretch our legs and enjoy the sunny weather and fresh air – so we are bonded and cohesive. It feels like I belong here.” Anuj confirms, “It’s been a great experience so far. The team at Schneider has been very supportive and provided me with the resources and guidance I need to start my project. Apart from that, I work in a huge hub with many people working in different areas, which has been a great opportunity to learn about all their cutting-edge energy research.”

Skills to get the job

So, how did these two get their coveted internships at Schneider? Anuj, who developed an interest in e-mobility through the Innovation journey of his master’s programme, explains, “I learned a lot about what’s happening in the field, and this helped me prepare for the interview. Also, the sessions on CV writing and mock interview arranged by the EIT InnoEnergy played a significant role.” Ismam: “The alumnus who had interned there really helped groom me in all the best possible ways to be successful in my interview. However, he made sure to only help as a mentor, not compromising any confidentiality of Schneider Electric or leveraging my position by using his name. But his help was integral, and I’m grateful for making it in. It feels amazing to be a part of such a big player in the industry where I can experience large corporation dynamics.”

Skills for the future

When asked what the biggest takeaway from this experience will be, Anuj shared: “The opportunity to work on a real-world project related to e-mobility. I’ve been able to apply my knowledge and skills from the programme in a practical setting and make a meaningful contribution. Additionally, I’m gaining valuable industry experience and building a great network of contacts. Working with a company of this size and reputation has exposed me to various technical and professional skills, and I am learning a lot about the industry.” Ismam’s top takeaway is: “I’m getting a glimpse of how a large industry operates for sustainable energy transition and that my role in this industry could be valued. I’m also gaining technical and managerial knowledge/skills to function in a fast-paced environment and hands-on experience with their products and R&D procedures. In the future, I would like to be in a position where I could take part in important decision-making… and this internship is a great first step towards that.”

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