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New entries in EIT InnoEnergy’s portfolio Q1 2022

During the first four months of the year, six new innovative companies joined the EIT InnoEnergy equity Portfolio.

Elena Bou said

“At EIT InnoEnergy we have a clear mission, to drive the energy transition which we have been doing since 2010 by investing and supporting innovative companies around the world, even during uncertain and difficult times. Now more so than ever, the energy transition and the Green Deal are imperative to achieve energy independence.

Finding a balance between disruptiveness and time to implementation is crucial. This is why we are very proud to have invested in Fusion, a revolutionary technology for the future, and also, in existing technologies such as Storage and Renewable Energies which will have a major impact today.” said Elena Bou, Co-Founder and Innovation Director of EIT InnoEnergy.

Welcome to EIT InnoEnergy portfolio

Welcome Pure Battery Technologies, Minestorage, Jäderberg Future Power, Suena, Phynix, and Seaqurrent.

Our storage, fusion, sustainable buildings and cities, green hydrogen, and renewable energies portfolios have expanded with these new companies, enabling us to reach new markets and customers.

More information about the newcomers in our portfolio as follows:

Energy Storage

Pure Battery Technologies 

PBT’s SAL and CL technologies are a breakthrough in the clean energy evolution

Driven by the demand for EV’s and energy storage, the battery market is exploding globally. This in turn has increased the need for pure and flexible battery materials. PBT is in a unique position to support battery producers by providing cleaner battery material at a more affordable price. PBT will be cost leaders in the battery market and will also be powering the real clean energy evolution.

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Mine Storage

Develops and operates fast-response and medium to large scale power storage in underground mines

The team wants to contribute to a sustainable future with a fossil free energy production by developing environmentally friendly energy storage plants in abandoned underground mines. This is done with a proven technology, which was installed the first time in 1929.

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Jäderberg Future Power (Novatron)

Nuclear fusion reactors for large-scale fossil free energy production

Fusion has the potential to provide the world with unlimited access to clean, safe, and sustainable and controllable energy. The technology offers a global opportunity to radically reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the risk of climate crises, high fluctuating energy prices, economic and political instability. Fusion has the potential to offer enormous social, environmental, economic, and geopolitical benefits.

Sustainable buildings and cities


Empowering energy storage and renewables with AI.

We make energy supply based on renewable energies predictable and therefore ensure planning security in the uncertain times of the energy transition

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Green hydrogen


Decarbonise your business with green hydrogen in a simple and competitive way

pHYnix is the first independent green hydrogen producer in Europe, offering competitive and funded migration solutions for sustainability-minded companies to achieve carbon neutrality.

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Renewable energies


The Next generation tidal energy plants based on the principle of kiting

Tidal and ocean currents contain a large amount of kinetic energy. SeaQurrent develops a completely new approach for 3D-Harnessing this energy. Our patented multi-wing TidalKite™ makes it possible to generate clean electricity from shallow (and deep) low velocity tidal and ocean currents with an efficiency rate resulting in a breakthrough of the price of electricity produced from tidal energy

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If you are interested to meet these innovative companies and 150 more in person, don’t miss the opportunity to come to our flagship event, The Business Booster 2022 which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal 28 – 29 September. Focusing this year on how to balance exploration of new innovations while exploiting maximum value from existing technologies in the race to net zero, the event will see investors, start-ups, major companies, and policy makers gather for a series of discussions on the most pressing industry issues while showcasing 150+ innovative companies from EIT InnoEnergy’s portfolio. Register here to take advantage of our early bird ticket offer.