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InnoEnergy Master School becomes InnoEnergy Masters+

At EIT InnoEnergy, we are proud to announce a significant milestone in the evolution of our mission to train top talent for the energy transition. InnoEnergy Master School is now InnoEnergy Masters+.

A Plus in Master’s Education, Industry Collaboration, and Student Success

InnoEnergy Masters+ will deliver the same unparalleled educational quality, degree value, and student satisfaction that characterises us since 2010.


InnoEnergy Masters+ is deeply integrated with InnoEnergy’s ecosystem to provide students with real-world experience. Our partnerships, like the one with Schneider Electric, exemplify our dedication to talent development in the energy sector.  Students engage in industry innovation projects, study visits, and benefit from a unique journey to boost their careers. In addition to the dual degrees offered at Europe’s prime technical universities, students also obtain graduate-level certificates in topics like innovation, entrepeneurship and artificial intelligence.


At the end of their journey, students have developed the relevant skillset needed for a career in a fast-paced, rapidly changing world of sustainable energy.  As such, this new brand is a better representation of what InnoEnergy stands for.

Bigger, Better and Bolder

The InnoEnergy Masters+ Study Journey is designed to be transformative. Before studies begin, students can take preparatory courses to ensure they are ready for the academic challenges ahead.


The Academics+ Track consists of theoretical training and applied skills that lead to two degrees and up to three certificates upon graduation. It covers the most relevant topics in the energy sector and provides students with the chance to apply their learnings through projects and internships with companies in InnoEnergy’s ecosystem.


The Careers+ Track offers onboarding, career and networking events, hackathons, company visits, and access to mentors and exclusive job opportunities. For those with entrepreneurial ambitions, The Green Seed Journey sets them on the path to launching their own company with the support of InnoEnergy.


The CommUnity+ Track connects students, alumni and our wider ecosystem together through initiatives like social activities, topic chapters, expert talks and more. It also gives students the upper hand in choosing topics of their liking to lead thematic groups or initiatives that boost their careers.


So, whether students aim to work for a corporation, an InnoEnergy-supported startup, become a consultant, or start their own venture, InnoEnergy Masters+ is designed to help them achieve their full potential.


Celebrating Success

InnoEnergy Masters+ is more than a degree; it’s a gateway to a world of opportunities. It’s a commitment to academic excellence, industry immersion, and a thriving community of innovators and leaders.


Our alumni are a testament to the InnoEnergy’s impact, with many launching successful startups and contributing to the energy transition. Eight of them have even been recognised by Forbes 30 under 30 for their entrepreneurial initiatives. Besides, they remain an active part of the InnoEnergy community, as many of them working for our shareholders and portfolio companies. After all, 84% of all InnoEnergy graduates are employed in Europe, enriching our presence in the continent.


Are you ready to be part of this transformative journey? Check out InnoEnergy Masters+ and fast-track your career in sustainable energy.