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InnoBlog: Yifeng’s European experience has led to his dream job

EIT InnoEnergy Master School alumnus Yifeng Zhong is taking his expertise and experience from his European education to land his dream job. He goes from working with one big industry player (ABB) to another – Huawei! Yifeng shares how he went from aircraft design to renewable energy, a journey that’s taken him to new countries and then back home again with an excellent job opportunity.

New direction

Yifeng always had a close relationship with nature. He shares, “I began my undergraduate studies in aircraft design at NUAA (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), but the increasing energy crisis and environmental issues made me realise that I must help build a greener future, so I changed gears to renewable energy. It sounds like quite a different direction, but my solid foundation in engineering made my studies at EIT InnoEnergy Master School go smoothly.”

Off to Europe

So, how did he end up in Europe? He explains, “I travelled to Europe as an undergrad exchange student, which was amazing. I loved Europe’s relaxed learning environment and cultural diversity. When it was time for my Master’s, I looked at EIT InnoEnergy! Their dual degree options allowed me to study in two countries and experience both cultures. And the Master’s in Renewable Energy programme’s focus on developing and utilising renewable energy technologies was a perfect fit.”


Renewable energy

Having studied at two leading technical universities – École Polytechnique in France and KTH in Sweden, he shares, “I really liked the combo of these universities, and France is still one of my favourite countries. The food, nature, wine… and most importantly, the friends I made there. Paris is a wonderful city – you’re never bored! I also chose Sweden because Northern Europe is charming with so much natural beauty, and Sweden didn’t disappoint. As for education, EIT InnoEnergy has a lot of advantages: a strong, global student and alumni network, career guidance, mentorship, career fairs, excellent innovation and entrepreneurship courses, and, of course, their focus on renewable energy technologies and sustainable development.”

From ABB to Huawei

Yifeng shares how he landed his first job at ABB: “The Renewable Energy programme gives lots of connections to companies and institutes, and ABB has developed many graduate thesis positions in collaboration with KTH. With some guidance from alumni who have also worked there, I started my thesis on “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Degradation Simulation,” – reinforcing my dream to become a renewable energy business development engineer back home. ABB is an excellent company with a great reputation, and the experience was an important step in my career. And since ABB partnered with Huawei, it also benefited my job search! You can see how all these strings connect.”



“I used the EIT network during my studies, from guidance when moving to a new country to internship/job advice. EIT InnoEnergy students are passionate and helpful. Take my job at Huawei, for example. It was super beneficial to know alums who work there! They prepared me for the interview and gave me insights into the company and job requirements. It was a huge advantage. As a student representative, I was also active in many EIT InnoEnergy CommUnity events, so now I pay that forward. New students can come to me for advice, which I’m happy to share,” he says with a genuine smile.

Digital & power electronics

Excited about his new position at Huawei Digital Energy, which integrates digital and power electronics technologies to develop clean energy, enable energy digitisation, and promote the energy revolution – he shares, “I work as a solar business development engineer where I’m responsible for major customer development, market opportunity insights, solar PV and energy storage solution design, project operations, and partner ecosystem construction. I often deal with PV manufacturers, PV project developers, and design institutes. It’s a challenging job, and I’m learning a lot!

After more than two years in Europe, Yifeng’s adopted a fresh perspective. He explains, “I developed a mindset of inclusion, diversity and sustainability, which is essential for my career development. Many destabilising factors exist in today’s world, but sustainable development and energy transition are inevitable trends. My advice for other students thinking of making the same European leap is to remember that boats that stay in the harbour may be safe, but that’s not what boats were built for. Stay open to trying new things and dare to challenge yourself. EIT InnoEnergy has much to offer – you just need to take advantage!”


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