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InnoBlog: Navigating the EIT InnoEnergy Master’s Programme

I decided to delve into the most frequently asked questions that have crossed my path since taking up the position as a Student Ambassador with EIT InnoEnergy.


Studying abroad is an odyssey brimming with limitless possibilities, challenges, and unparalleled personal growth. As an international student, I’ve discovered that this journey transcends mere classroom education. A highlight that resonates deeply with me is being selected as a Student Ambassador under the esteemed EIT InnoEnergy Master School. This role has provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my own European journey by engaging with prospective applicants from diverse cultures and educational backgrounds.

Overcoming Challenges

Coming from a background in Chemical Engineering (BSc.), delving into the Sustainable Energy Systems programme was initially quite daunting. It demanded knowledge spanning from electrical engineering, economics, programming, mechanical engineering, and insights from various academic disciplines. Initially challenging, I found solace and guidance through the EIT InnoEnergy Online Learning platform and other online resources. These tools became my compass, aiding me in traversing unfamiliar territories where my formal education fell short.

During challenging moments, my passionate fervour and unwavering drive emerged as my guiding forces. They compensated for my knowledge gaps and propelled me forward. This fusion of determination and enthusiasm was key to my progression. It provides a segue into the main focus or crucial point I am about to address in this post. Main agenda: The recurrent inquiry asked amongst the rest – how does one navigate the myriad programme options available?

Navigating Programme Selection

Reflecting on my initial stages of applying to the EIT InnoEnergy Master School programme, I vividly recall grappling with misconceptions about selecting the right course. My mind constantly oscillated between three enticing programmess – Sustainable Energy Systems, Renewable Energy, and Energy Technologies. Throughout the rigorous application process, I found myself wrestling with questions about how my background in Chemical Engineering aligned with these programmes and which curriculum resonated with my fervent passion for the sustainable energy industry.

In moments of introspection, some clarity dawned upon me while, at other times, it ushered in a torrent of further questions. Yet, I welcomed these queries as catalysts that propelled me to embark on extensive research about the diverse programme offerings. I sought insights from current students enrolled in these programmes, and when needed, I reached out to the admissions office. This implies that it’s okay not to have all the answers when selecting a particular course. The most important aspect is understanding why you want to study that course.

For me, this exploratory endeavour from students and the admission officers not only facilitated a deeper understanding but also indirectly supported me in crafting a compelling essay detailing why I am a deserving addition to the vibrant EIT InnoEnergy student community.

Today, I share with you how my confidence has grown in recognizing and harnessing my own potential.