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InnoBlog: India’s leapfrog towards CleanTech

Perhaps you have seen some of my previous blogs… but for those who haven’t, my name is Arjun and I am a cleantech professional with close to a decade of experience in the renewable energy industry. In this blog, I reflect on India’s exponential leap towards cleantech set to take place this decade and which will create tremendous opportunities for young professionals seeking a career in the sector.

India at an Inflection Point

India’s energy demand is projected to double over the next 20 years. Electricity demand could potentially triple as a result of increased appliance ownership and cooling needs. Fossil fuel resources have been critical to India’s growth story, and they account for more than 75 percent of India’s power needs.


But the impending global climate crisis coupled with the need for indigenous and affordable energy sources is driving India to rethink its existing energy systems. In this context, India stands at a critical juncture as it lays the groundwork for one of the world’s largest power systems.


India’s efforts towards pivoting away from fossil fuels has been gaining traction with the deployment of renewable energy having doubled over the last five years and already representing close to 40% of the power generation capacity of the country. But India’s mission to decarbonise its energy system has just started as more than 80 % of the carbon emissions stem from coal which remains the backbone of the country’s power sector.

Virtual Open Day

23 February 2022. 15.00 CET. EIT InnoEnergy Master School Virtual Open Day is the best way to get a real taste of university life and one step closer to finding your ideal programme in sustainable energy engineering!


Meeting EIT InnoEnergy Master School team, learning about career prospects and interacting with our universities, will give you the confidence and clarity you will need to thrive from day one! The event will close with a Q&A session offering you an opportunity to directly interact with all presenters!