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InnoBlog: Connecting talent and industry during the Career Impact Challenges

Group of students at Career Impact

A standout component of  the EIT InnoEnergy Master School are Career Impact Challenges, an initiative that seamlessly bridged the gap between students and industry leaders. The challenges saw active participation from six leading companies, amongst which InnoEnergy shareholders and portfolio ventures: ABB, ENGIE, Galp, Northvolt, Schneider Electric, and Siemens Energy.

Solving real-life challenges

These challenges brought together 160 talented students at ENLIT Europe 2023. The students were tasked with solving real-life cases presented by the participating companies. The first two days were dedicated to intensive problem-solving sessions, where students engaged with industry professionals, delved into challenges, and applied their academic knowledge to propose viable solutions.


The culmination of this collaborative effort took center stage on the third day, with students presenting their innovative solutions during pitch sessions. Elvis Gherghinescu, Career Services Coordinator, expressed immense pride in witnessing the dedication and determination of the students. He emphasized the students’ ability to tackle challenges head-on, showcasing the strength of the EIT InnoEnergy community.

Accelerated career opportunities

Each company in the challenge contributed to the students’ future in unique ways! Northvolt provided a fast pass to the final round of the interview process for their graduate programme, Schneider Electric offered internships to the winning team, ABB and Galp granted the winning team the opportunity to pitch their ideas to their management, ENGIE extended an invitation for a dedicated day with the team, and Siemens Energy offered valuable insights and experiences.


Matteo Varisco, Product Owner – Digital Innovation (Global) at ABB Electrification, highlighted the importance of collaboration with the next generation of innovators;

“ABB Electrification is using Digital Innovation to make power supplies safe, smart, and sustainable. It’s important for us to work with talent and the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and understand how they see the challenges and the future.  We need disruptive ideas and ways to challenge the status-quo. The EIT InnoEnergy Career Impact Challenge is a brilliant opportunity to do this.”

Meaningful connections

This year’s Career Impact Challenges were also the setting for the announcement of a broader cooperation between EIT InnoEnergy and Schneider Electric for talent development. The company will sponsor the programmes Master’s in Smart Electrical Networks and Master’s in Energy for Smart Cities, providing students of these programmes with dedicated case studies and access to career opportunities.

The EIT InnoEnergy Career Impact Challenges not only provided students with a platform to apply their skills in a real-world context but also facilitated meaningful connections between academia and industry. As the energy landscape evolves, initiatives like these play a pivotal role in nurturing the talent that will drive positive change and innovation in the energy sector.