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InnoBlog: A week in Barcelona: ESADE Business School

After being accepted into the EIT InnoEnergy Master School, this was a watershed moment I have long anticipated.  This is a period that every Master’s in Sustainable Energy Systems student looks forward to since ESADE is amongst Europe’s top ranked business schools. But I believe I was the most excited because it was my first opportunity to explore Barcelona while learning about entrepreneurship and innovation. I’ll admit that I was ready for my trip a few days ahead of schedule.

First Day: Theory and Practice

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Journey during my first week at ESADE Business School exceeded my expectations. The course provided me with the opportunity to broaden my entrepreneurial mindset beyond the experience I gained while in Nigeria – building a solar lamp company that uses e-waste. We completed two modules in a single week: Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking. As an engineer, one of the difficult challenges I faced was learning the business language terminology and how to expand my technical mindset to become creative in a strategic business approach. This includes developing creative, innovative solutions to problems using the business model canvas to fit my target market. Working on real-life projects while building a business with a diverse team was one of the highlights of this program for me.

Be a Sponge and a Stone

I came to ESADE Business School with the intention of absorbing as much knowledge, experience and fun I could. The first step was being myself in-midst of networks that had more experience from a business perspective than I did. I would say our professors made blending quite easy from teamwork projects to presentation of one’s ideas.  Filling up a business model canvas of a PV cell industry helped me to notably connect the dots from my renewable energy technology coursework in Sweden which involved Solar PV cells.


Notwithstanding, the class demonstration we had during the design thinking class relating to the first innovation of a scooter was a transformative exposure which showed the importance of observations and gaining insights through interviews in order to identify real problems to be solved.

The Fun Part

Experiencing Spanish cuisine with zero financial cost was a big tick for me and I got to try-out pork for the first-time which wasn’t something that was normally eaten in my home country. Before the end of the week, I was able to learn a few Spanish words, I leave with you. ‘Hola’ – Hello; ‘Adios’ – Goodbye; ‘Bienvenido’ – Welcome… and most importantly: Energía!


by Eziagbor Osele, EIT InnoEnergy Master School student