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GravitHy, pioneer in the low-carbon iron market reveals its progress related to its future plant in Fos-sur-Mer

Gravithy, imminent leader in low-carbon iron

Supported by EIT InnoEnergy, Engie New Ventures, FORVIA, IDEC GROUP, Plug and Primetals Technologies, the industrial startup launched in June 2022 is working on its gigafactory project in Fos-sur-Mer, which should see the light at the end of 2027.

GravitHy’s objective is to accelerate the decarbonization of the iron and steel industry

By 2028, GravitHy will be producing low-carbon metallic iron in the form of DRI pellets (Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) pellets). The DRI pellets produced by GravitHy will be marketed globally after the DRI has been processed on site into Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI). DRI into Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI).

These low-carbon pellets and briquettes will supply the fast-growing market for carbon-free steel driven by steelmakers to produce low-carbon steel and end-users of steel who want to reduce their carbon footprint in the carbon footprint in the automotive, wind power and construction industries, for example.


“By reducing the environmental impact of steel, GravitHy contributes to reducing the carbon impact of many sectors. the reduction of carbon impacts in many sectors.” said José Noldin, CEO of GravitHy.

Key player in a virtuous reindustrialization

Located in the heart of the industrial port area of Fos-sur-Mer, GravitHy’s first plant will fully participate in the revitalization of the local ecosystem and the perpetuation of industrial jobs:


  • Increase in solid bulk traffic (approximately 3 mt/year of imported iron ore and exports of Decarbonated HBI by sea);
  • Industrial activity consistent with the industries in place in the large maritime port of Marseille and all the utilities produced in the area (heat needs, hydrogen production, synergies with the steel synergies with the steel industry…);
  • Creation of more than 3,000 new direct and indirect jobs;
  • Partnerships with schools, universities and training centers to develop new initial and continuing education programs for students.


“The public authorities are extremely concerned about the proper acceptance, implementation and success of the GravitHy project. Why is this so? For the objectives of Europe and that we give ourselves, less 30% compared to 2018 in 2030, in the steel industry and carbon neutrality in steel industry in 2050.” said M.Régis Passerieux – Référent France 2030, Sous-Préfet de l’arrondissement d’Istres.

Completion of the 1st phase of the engineering studies

The first phase of the engineering studies is completed. The economic, technical, environmental and regulatory feasibility of the environmental and regulatory feasibility of the industrial project have been definitively confirmed. This first phase of studies has mobilized more than 3M€ and more than 50 experienced engineers during the last 3 months.

GravitHy now has a reliable project plan and ground plan. The following phases will allow to prepare the global planning of the project and to launch the 1st calls for tender.

After construction, cold operation will begin in 2027 and testing will take place. The factory will be operational from 2028.

Imminent market leader

Steel is the strategic foundation of the industry and of the energy transition. Beyond steel, all the technologies (vehicles, wind turbines, buildings, steel structures, etc.) will be decarbonized thanks to GravitHy.

The Gravithy plant in Fos sur mer will embody the future of primary steel on the Mediterranean coast. For GravitHy, this plant will be the first of a long series. Already, given the demand for carbon-free steel, we know that GravitHy will develop new low-carbon DRI/HBI production units in Europe and around the world. The decarbonization of the steel industry is underway!


Gravithy gigafactory in Fos-sur-mer