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The need

Steel is a strategic material in achieving a low carbon economy, but the coal used for its production is responsible for 7% of CO2 emissions worldwide. Decarbonising the steel value chain is essential to a C-neutral society. This can only be achieved by rethinking the iron production step.

The solution

GravitHy plans to build, operate and own a modern low-CO2 iron plant in France. By using hydrogen to react with iron ore, the high CO2 emissions from traditional production methods can be avoided. The product is direct reduced iron (DRI) which can be used as feedstock for low-CO2 steel production or traded in the form of hot briquetted iron (HBI). GravitHy will decarbonise steel production, support the EU’s ambition of carbon neutrality and respond to a growing demand for low-CO2 steel products.

The value proposition

  • Brings together the commitment and competencies of best-in-class, purpose-led stakeholders to redefine the way iron and steel are produced and sold worldwide.
  • Unites experienced professionals while attracting and forging young talents.
  • Plant designed with best available technologies.
  • Profitable business model based on cost competitiveness.
  • Excellence in a superior product line.
  • Works in close collaboration with players representing the entire value-chain.

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