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From Student Vision to Industry Recognition

Neargy, born from the minds of EIT InnoEnergy Master School students passionate about making a difference, has made significant strides in the energy sector. Adrian Brasero, Guillem Álvarez, Alex Cano, and Gonzalo Olaso first crossed paths during their studies for the Masters in Renewable Energy programme. Their dedication and innovation were recognized when they secured third place in the Battle of Green Talent competition. This accomplishment propelled them into the startup incubation program, where they continue to thrive and grow.


Empowering Change: Neargy’s Mission for Sustainable Energy Communities

The team behind Neargy participated in several innovation competitions and programmes, where they refined their idea and gained recognition and support. They started at ESADE Business School training, part of their InnoEnergy Master School training, as BEC (Bringing Energy Closer), where they validated their idea for more than six months. Then they entered the ImaginPlanet Challenge in 2021, where they were among the top 50 out of more than 400 participants. In 2023, they reached the semi-finals of the prestigious JumpStarter competition, organised by EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology).


Their vision is to be the leading neutral marketplace for shared solar shared self-consumption and offer a real solution to all those people who are looking for a renewable and economical energy supply as an alternative to their current conditions. They believe that energy communities are essential to fight climate change and energy poverty, but today most people still don’t know them. That’s why their mission is to get the message across to society.

Neargy: Pioneering a Sustainable Energy Movement

Neargy is a digital marketplace designed to accelerate the creation and adoption of Energy Communities (ECs). ECs consist of a group of actors coming together to produce and consume energy locally, with the goal of reducing costs, increasing energy efficiency and security while promoting renewable energy sources. Foreseeing a booming market for self-consumption, especially in Southern Europe, driven by increased awareness and regulatory support, Neargy bridges the gap between shared self-consumption initiatives and the general public.



Battle of the Green Talent

Adrian reflects, “Battle of Green Talent was a great experience that simulated a real-world case scenario of running a company. From hiring talents to pitching in front of hundreds of people, it underscored the importance of collaboration, innovation, and determination in making a tangible impact on the world”.

Reflecting on the InnoEnergy Master School Experience

Adrian shares, “InnoEnergy Master programmes are one of a kind in terms of mixing engineering and business abilities to get closer to the entrepreneurship world. It was this fusion of knowledge and skills that laid the groundwork for Neargy.”


Alex adds, “Enrolling in the Renewable Masters programme is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Innoenergy not only offers the possibility of studying in top-notch universities all over Europe but also promotes an incredible international network of talented individuals and business opportunities. Moreover, the entrepreneurship spirit is something special that adds an extra value to the programme. Neargy is possible thanks to the journey we lived, and I am honoured to be part of it.”


Gonzalo expresses, “As a former student of the Innoenergy Master School, I would highlight the opportunity to carry out my studies in a differentiating and highly prestigious programme in one of the current leading sectors in the EU, such as Energy. Studying at one of the best European universities offers you the opportunity to pursue your career in various countries and gives you the opportunity to live the experience of establishing good friendships with international people, thus expanding your network.”


Guillem concludes, “The experience of having completed the MSc in Renewable Energy by InnoEnergy has been exceptional. Academically, it offers a perfect compromise for students to further expand their technical knowledge in the energy field in outstanding universities all around Europe. Moreover, this is complemented with the business view of the sector, setting the bases to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit in the students.”