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Energy Floors helps Coldplay boosting sustainability of The Spheres World Tour

Coldplay’s new world tour is putting sustainability on the main stage. The Music Of The Spheres World Tour (MOTSWT) aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to the band’s last tour. EIT InnoEnergy’s portfolio company Energy Floors is helping Coldplay boost their sustainability initiatives with fan power.

Tailor-made Energy Centres

Energy Floors are supplying the floors in the MOTSWT Energy Centres. The MOTSWT required a solution that would boost Coldplay’s sustainable message and connect them with their fanbase. The floors had to align with the intergalactic theme of the tour, be sturdy to withstand hundreds of dancers, and be durable to travel across countries.

Custom Kinetic Tile

The Energy Centres consist of 44 sustainable kinetic dancefloor tiles assembled in a circle for fans to dance to generate energy. The Centres also include 15 stationary bikes for fans to cycle on to create energy.

The floor tiles are custom made, consisting of a top layer of recycled plastics to resist the specific demands for wear and tear during the four-year world tour.

Kinetic Energy Dashboard

In addition to harvesting kinetic energy, Energy Floors also gather data about the amount of energy produced. In our online and on-site dashboards, fans can see which shows were the most energetic, and even which song produced the most energy!

Energy Floors are also monitoring the total amount of energy produced throughout the entire tour. This monitoring not only creates transparency with the public, but it also serves to raise awareness and knowledge that can be used for creating smarter and more sustainable events.

The Kinetic Dance Floor

The Kinetic Dance Floor generates renewable energy from the movement of the public. The energy generated is instantly converted into electricity. Brands and companies can use the electricity to activate the floor’s LED lights, one of the special Dance Floor add-ons, or create a custom activation. 

The Dance Floor promotes the sustainability of your brand in a unique and interactive way. 

The Business Booster

If you are interested to meet Energy Floors in person and others 150 sustainable companies, come to The Business Booster 28-29 September at FIL, Lisbon Portugal.


Photo: Rick Scuteri / Invision / AP