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Energy Floors

Energy Floors develops, sells and rents innovative floor systems that convert kinetic energy from pedestrians and solar energy into electricity.

Sustainable developement goals:

Energy converting floor systems for high footfall areas

Practical, educative and fun.

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The need

In the fight against climate change, raising awareness about energy production and energy consumption is an important element. People need to be engaged and educated about the importance of renewable energy and how to reduce their carbon footprint.

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The solution

Interactive smart floors that generate energy and make sustainability visible. They convert kinetic energy from human activity and solar energy to usable electricity. Multiple uses include generating power from dancing and data harvesting in public outdoor spaces.

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The value proposition

• Helps meet sustainability targets, while interactively teaching about renewable energy.
• Practical, educative and fun.

Sustainable Dance Floor in action

The kinetic energy of walking or dancing people converts into electricity which is used to make the floor react and interact visually and to power applications which show the direct electricity output of a person’s moves.

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