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EIT InnoEnergy prepares students to take on the future – and offers unparalleled opportunities at one of their extensive portfolio companies!

EIT InnoEnergy Master School has innovation and industry at the very heart of all its programmes which means that vast majority of students are employed right after graduation with 83% remaining in Europe.


The knowledge and connections provided to students have helped them start companies themselves or find excellent jobs in one of the start-ups in the extensive EIT InnoEnergy portfolio – with 350+ student/graduate placements so far! Let’s look at just a few of the many ways EIT InnoEnergy prepares students to find their perfect work.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Journey

This 2-year parallel track is an exciting tailor-made journey where students receive valuable coaching, online and offline learning, winter and summer school workshops – all while visiting top European innovation hotspots and working with amazing partners, such as UnternehmerTUM. Alberto Gonzalez, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Manager, shares: “Guided by experienced Business Design coaches, students learn to systematically identify entrepreneurial opportunities, design and validate technology-based business models, and test new products and services with the help of prototyping. It’s such a creative environment and a great jumping point – so that they can use their new skills, knowledge, and network to advance as founders of start-ups or intrapreneurs in leadership roles.”

Career Impact Programme

The numbers don’t lie – since 2016, more than 1,400 students have completed the Career Impact Programme (CIP) with a 92% survival ratio five years post-establishment of these EIT InnoEnergy-supported start-ups. Prof. dr. Frank Gielen, Education Director, shares, “The CIP was designed to prepare our students for, and give them a smooth transition into, the competitive job market. To complement their education, we combine the GC Index with one-on-one coaching and mentorship, industry interaction, and real-world exposure.” After maximising their competencies during the CIP, students put their skills to the test by tackling real-life industry challenges while networking with influential players in Europe’s energy scene at the Career Impact Challenges during Enlit Europe.

The GC Index

This in-depth assessment tool focuses on identifying and developing students within entrepreneurial teams by categorising their strengths and weaknesses. According to Brandon Vargas, Master’s in Energy Technologies alumnus and Energy Engineer at NitroCapt AB (an EIT InnoEnergy supported start-up): “The GC Index has been an insightful and productive tool. It allowed me to work on my personal and professional development, understand my strengths and, more importantly, where I should focus on my career journey.” This tool is used during CIP, where students are guided to understand their role and how to successfully support or become successful entrepreneurs themselves.

Industry Challenges

Industry challenges allow students to work with established businesses, start-ups, and NGOs to bridge the gap between theory and practice. With a full roster of events, such as the Career Impact Challenges, the EDPR University Challenge (an opportunity given to students due to strong cooperation between EIT InnoEnergy and EDPR – and their mission to build a bridge between the university and business community) and the super cool online gamified Battle of the Green Talent, students can test their skills, network and gain valuable job-ready skills!

Master School Connect

There is no better way for students to get their foot in the door than to have access to the industries they want to work in. Just ask Jamil Ismayilzada and Francesco de Marco, who are fulfilling roles at Northvolt, an EIT InnoEnergy company portfolio. Jamil completed an internship and later was offered a full-time position as Process Engineer, and Francesco joined as a Battery System Simulation intern. Francesco shares: “I got to know Northvolt thanks to an EIT InnoEnergy Connect event. I had the chance to talk to many leading companies in the energy field and was immediately impressed by Northvolt. Luckily, the CIP assisted me in developing a winning CV and trained me for interviews!”

The Business Booster

The competencies students acquire during their studies are valuable in many roles where innovation and game-changing are high on the agenda.  To gain a complete overview of the roles in various size energy companies, students have access to top industry events like The Business Booster. Last year, 30 master’s students supported EIT InnoEnergy portfolio companies exhibiting in Lisbon. Gabriel Lesjak, MSc in Energy for Smart Cities student, reflects: “You can directly engage with many portfolio companies and learn what could be your future.”


MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems alumnus Emet Zeitz attended the event for NetZero Insights as their Business Developer, a role earned after completing his master’s internship there. He shares, “The programme prepared me for what I do now in many ways. It gave me a broad overview of the entire energy transition and the new technologies involved – and improved my entrepreneurship, leadership, and communication skills.”


EIT InnoEnergy prepares students to take on the future – and being one of Europe’s top impact investors with a vast portfolio including over 500+ supported start-ups, students have unparalleled opportunities. It’s a clear advantage whether you want to start your own business  – or work for a leading company or start-up. So, take the first step to get YOUR foot in the door! Explore our master’s programmes here.