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Event location: Online
Event date: 16.03.2022 - 16.03.2022

Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) Webinar – Energy efficient food and process industries through servitisation

Markets for industrial usage of energy consuming services such as heating and cooling, refrigeration, compressed air are currently in full development. The focus on energy efficiency, circularity and electrification in value chains is increasing while there is much to be gained. Energy-saving potential for compressed air applications in industry is estimated at 20%-50% whereas compressed air is responsible for around 10% of industrial electricity consumption.

Servitisation business models can facilitate and accelerate the market adoption of more sustainable solutions by creating win-win situations for suppliers, customers and financiers and removing common barriers. For example, they not only encourage suppliers to optimise efficiency over a longer period of time, but also partially or fully remove high investment costs and technological complexity for end-users.

Join us on March 16th and learn more about why pioneering and successful businesses shifted to innovative servitisation business models, the obstacles and risk, receive unique insights in current practices of compressed air servitisation, and participate in the Q&A.

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  • Introduction into opportunities for improving efficiency and circularity, distinguishing between food and technology cycles
  • Opportunities, obstacles and risks of servitisation business models
  • Insight into Atlas Copco’s AIRPlan compressed air servitisation proposition, which provides clients in the newest and most energy efficient technology without any investment costs
  • Q&A

Guest speakers:

Walter R. Stahel, member of the Strategic Foresight Board of

Walter R. Stahel is the former Head of Risk Management at the Geneva Association (Switzerland), a respected business advisor, and the founder and director of the Product-Life Institute (Geneva, Switzerland) Europe’s oldest sustainability-based consultancy and think tank. Stahel’s pioneering research and collaborative work in the field of sustainability stretch back several decades – firmly establishing him as one of the subject’s founders. Currently, He is visiting professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Surrey (UK) and was guest lecturer at Université de Montréal and the graduate department of Tohoku University (Japan). An alumnus of ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich, Switzerland), Stahel is the author of several prize-winning academic papers and pioneering books including The Limits to Certainty (1989/1993), written with Orio Giarini and published in six languages and The Performance Economy (2010).

Ilmir Gareev, Global Product Manager IoT and new businesses at Atlas Copco.

Ilmir has over 11 years of experience working in compressor technique industry. He has an engineering background but found himself more valuable in Sales and Marketing finding solutions to meet Customer’s demands in different industries. Now he is driving the servitization products in Atlas Copco company.

Who should attend the webinar:

Among organizations active in industry or foods industry consuming services such as heating/cooling, refrigeration or compressed air;

  • Sustainability Managers looking to reduce their CO2 footprints and enabling circular supply chain solutions for services consumed.
  • CFOs interested in off-balance and zero CapEx solutions, energy and OpEx cost reductions, and preserving investment capacities for core-business related opportunities.
  • Facility and Operations Managers that seek to improve energy management predictability and performance, avoid unexpected maintenance and repair costs, improve end user satisfaction, while outsourcing technological, maintenance, and financing complexities.

Among technology and service providers of i.e. heating, cooling, refrigeration active in the Dutch industrial segment:

  • Business Developers and Commercial Managers seeking to grow market share by increasing the competitiveness of propositions, improving energy labels and user satisfaction while removing customer barriers.
  • CEOs interested in strengthening relationships with their preferred customers, through long-term client unburdening agreements which generate predictable cash flows.
  • Innovators looking for new business models which are synergetic with the latest R&D developments, digitization, and solutions which are optimized for energy efficiency and customer ease.

The webinar is also relevant for financiers and investors looking for competitive upcoming business models with strong growth potential that offer long-term and guaranteed revenue streams.

Register now:

Would you like to explore how the winning business models of tomorrow could look like, in the European and Dutch food and process industries? Join us on March 16th from 13:00 to 14:00 (Amsterdam time) to learn more and participate in the conversation. Register now by following this link.