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Event date: 26.06.2024 - 26.06.2024

Future-Proofing the Grid: Exploring Long-Duration Energy Storage Solutions

Welcome to our exclusive webinar, where we will delve into the promising and rapidly evolving landscape of Long-Duration Energy Storage (LDES) and its critical role in the future of our power system. Tailored for both investors and industry leaders, this event will provide insights into the opportunities and challenges of this emerging market. This webinar is the first in a series of four online events dedicated to the topic of energy storage.

About the webinar

Grid-connected battery energy storage systems (BESS) are rapidly gaining traction, with global installations exceeding 40 GW in 2023. While BESS primarily supports short-term grid stability, the accelerating integration of renewable resources is driving a critical need for long-duration energy storage solutions. The LDES market is poised for significant growth in the coming years, offering both substantial opportunities and complex challenges.


In this webinar, we will explore:

  • How LDES fits into the future energy system,
  • The current state and future projections of the LDES market,
  • Technologies for LDES – will there be a winning alternative?
  • Insights from leading experts and companies pioneering LDES solutions.


Whether you are an investor looking to capitalize on emerging opportunities or an industry leader seeking to understand the future landscape, this webinar is for you.


REGISTER HERE and join us for an engaging session where industry experts and innovators will share their perspectives on how LDES can address the growing demands of our renewable energy future and present significant investment opportunities.


Agenda Highlights

  • Market Trends and Projections for LDES
  • Technological Innovations and Applications
  • Panel Discussion with Industry Experts
  • Q&A Session


  • Godart van Gendt, Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Jiajun Cen, Founder & CEO, Aquabattery
  • Floris van Dijk, Business Development Manager, Elestor
  • Thomas Johansson, CEO, Mine Storage
  • Andreas Kölling, COO, Rivus
  • Johan Söderbom, Thematic Leader Smart Grids & Energy Storage, EIT InnoEnergy