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The second edition of the Battle of Green Talent takes off!

Let the games begin! EIT InnoEnergy Master School is proud to launch the second edition of the Battle of Green Talent: a competition that invites both students with ideas for green innovation as well as those with a nose for investment.  With the massive influx of opportunities in the sustainable energy sector thanks to the European Green Deal, this is the perfect time to take advantage of Europe-wide support and funding for the transition to sustainable energy. And a unique event like this is generating the ideas to get it done!

How does it work?

This competition offers students an exciting new way to show off their skills, with a gamified online competition. This battle has two sides: Entrepreneurs (EIT InnoEnergy year 2 students) present their green ideas, gather Talents (EIT InnoEnergy year 1 students) to create the ultimate dream team and compete with other teams for the attention of investors.  


At the same time, the Investors (students from participating Business Schools) compete between themselves to gather the most impressive investment portfolio.

Participants also receive feedback on their ideas from Advisors (carefully selected professionals from the sector), to ensure the optimal development of their concept.

Would you like to take part on the Battle of Green Talent in future editions?

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