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InnoBlog: Studying in Grenoble, the 2022 European Green Capital

What’s it like to study in Grenoble, which was named the 2022 European Green Capital?

The beginning of 2022 saw Grenoble take over as the European Green Capital. This prestigious title, awarded to a different European city each year, recognizes the French city’s leadership in the energy transition.


The accolade coincides with the French Presidency of the Council, which also prioritises the implementation of the Green Deal and work towards achieving climate neutrality. Therefore, during the year, Grenoble will further challenge its local stakeholders to further improve on several indicators related to the green transition.

It is no coincidence that EIT InnoEnergy partners with Grenoble INP to offer Master’s programmes in this trail blazing city.

Why did Grenoble win?

As the first French local authority to adopt a Climate Plan, Grenoble has enacted several urban policies to reduce pollution and biodiversity loss. They have implemented a 30km speed limit throughout the city, reduced noise pollution, incentivised cycling for commuters, source food locally for school canteens, planted thousands of trees and revamped their heating network.


Overall, Grenoble has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 25% between 2005-2016 and is working towards a cumulative 50% reduction by 2030.