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InnoBlog: Student groups and associations

Being a student is about more than just studying. When choosing an EIT InnoEnergy Master School programme this is especially true, since the programme offers an international experience, the Career Impact Programme, CommUnity activities and the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills.

In addition, most students take advantage of living in a new city to practice hobbies like hiking, playing chess, singing, or playing badminton. If you are organised enough, there is always room for these activities during the EIT InnoEnergy Master School.

Double student experience

Currently, I am a pursuing my second year of the Master’s in Smart Electrical Networks and Systems. I completed my first year at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and I am now at UPC Universitat Politècninca de Catalunya in Barcelona.


Personally, I really enjoy sports, especially running, racket sports and football.During my studies I have always had the opportunity to pursue these interests. At KTH, I tried out playing squash for the first time and I also played tennis with fellow students through the racquet club. Here in Barcelona, I have been playing with the university’s female football team and we recently participated in a full-day tournament.


This is an activity I truly enjoy. Luckily, I also had the opportunity to play football together with students from other EIT InnoEnergy master’s programmes when they organise smaller, internal games. In this way, my double degree has also given me a “double student experience”: being part of the host university’s student life but also belonging to the EIT InnoEnergy community, even beyond my programme.