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15 November 2021

InnoBlog: Settling into KTH Royal Institute of Technology

It has been slightly more than 3 months since I arrived at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. To offer some background I have graduated in 2019 from The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. The 2-year programme run by EIT InnoEnergy will see me start in Sweden for a year of studies and finish the programme in France at one of two universities.


Though it wasn’t the first time I was travelling abroad in pursuit of academics, several prevailing circumstances meant that the move abroad for my future career path was always going to be somewhat of a challenge. For one it was happening in the wake of a global pandemic that has reduced international travel to a trickle. For another it was close to 2 years since I had last been in class and had sort of “lost the academic groove.”


The transition has been a lot more fluid than I had anticipated. KTH’s international reception programme, turned out to be the best way to be support students settling in. Happening around the same time as we are getting pointers from our seniors who have now moved to their second-year universities, the transition has been seamless such that as the pace of the semester picks up some steam, we find ourselves firmly in the drivers’ seats.

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