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04 June 2020

InnoBlog: Preparing for studying in France

As part of my MSc. Renewable Energy course, I am doing my second year at Ecole Polytechnique, located in Paris, France. As it normally goes, moving to a new country can mean administrative hurdles along the way. To help you make the process as smooth as possible, I have tried to provide a list of key documents or procedures you will need to be aware of, if you are planning to study at one of the EIT InnoEnergy’s universities in France.


Before I go on listing some of the points that I hope you find useful, I also want to provide some background and reasoning from my side for moving here. The universities in France are challenging in terms of the courses taught, and offer a great opportunity to learn from some of the best professors in the field of energy research. French technical universities have been the alma mater for some of the greatest scientists such as Marie Curie, Gay Lussac etc. Being incredibly passionate about energy transition, it was the university reputation that firstly enticed me. Secondly, France holds a multitude of companies and organiations that are in the forefront for energy related activities. The internship opportunities are immense and so are the career opportunities post-graduation.

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