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InnoBlog: Moving to Stockholm to study at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

My name is Maria, and I’m a second-year student at the EIT InnoEnergy Master’s in Smart Electrical Networks and Systems. I’m originally from Norway, but I studied for my bachelor’s in Stockholm at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, which was where I first learned about EIT InnoEnergy Master School. This means I was already living in Stockholm when I started my master’s journey at KTH. Nevertheless, since I have lived in Stockholm and attended KTH for four years, I would say I’ve learned enough about the place and university to give some tips to EIT InnoEnergy newcomers that decide to study at this top engineering university.

Swedish Food and Cuisine

As many are aware, Sweden is one of the countries with higher living expenses in Europe. While affordable accommodation is available for students through KTH, buying food out and even getting groceries can be expensive. Nevertheless, there are ways to make an affordable student life in Stockholm. Lidl is known to be the cheapest supermarket, while other shops sometimes have special offers on products that can be worth keeping an eye on. In addition, there are some fruit and vegetable markets with low prices, for example in the suburbs of Rinkeby and Hjulsta, and the vegetable market in the centre at Hötorget which is worth visiting just for the experience.


For those that long for the food of their home country, there are several specialised markets and shops with food from different parts of the world and bigger supermarkets offer a wide variety of products. However, I would also recommend trying some of the Swedish specialties, where the most classical ones include:


  • Meatballs with lingonberry sauce and mashed potatoes
  • Pickled herring, which can be bought in any shop with different flavours
  • Blood pudding with lingonberry (Oh, Swedes like their lingonberry!)
  • Pancakes and pea soup
  • Crispbread with any topping (as a snack)