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InnoBlog: Meeting my industry coach in Barcelona

As an EIT InnoEnergy a Master’s student, you get access to EIT InnoEnergy Career Centre. This is a unique offer to guide students towards their future career, with various activities and services such as workshops, competitions, CV checks and interview training. Career Centre bridges the gap between university and work life providing services to match students with suitable job openings and organising yearly real-industry challenge during events like ENLIT.

The Career Impact Programme

In addition to all these services, EIT InnoEnergy students are also invited to join the Career Impact Programme. This programme is aimed at the student’s personal development to identify strengths, points of improvement, values, preferred work style and interests. The programme provides the students with a “… clear focus for maximising their contribution to the world of work upon graduation from studies, and ensures they understand how to make a game-changing impact to a team, company and the entire energy industry”.


It is voluntary to join the Career Impact Programme, but I did not hesitate for a second when I learned about this opportunity. I signed up and completed a questionnaire which provided me with an indication of my working preference and preferred role in teamwork.

Career Impact Challenges at Enlit Europe 2021: from industry interactions to networking opportunities!