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InnoBlog: Landing at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and enjoying life in Sweden.

Except for short travels, I have never been away from home for such a long time. I spent my last 20 years living in the same city in China. I must admit that moving to a completely new place brought more than just excitement. I moved to my new home university during COVID-19, so understandably I was also a little bit nervous. Nevertheless, here I am, landed and living in Sweden, attending one of the most prestigious technical institutions, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


Sweden was a no-brainer choice for me. It is considered one of the most innovative countries in the world. In fact, many people refer to it as the Silicon Valley of Europe because it has the third highest startup rate in the world. In fact, it ranks second – only behind the famous U.S.A. region – for startups valued at above $1 billion per capita.

Of course, moving to a Nordic country also deserves a special mention about Aurora (the northern lights). Before I get completely carried away by this amazing experience, let me introduce myself – I am Yanshu Wei, a student of Master’s in Energy for Smart Cities.


If you are considering to study at one of EIT InnoEnergy’s partner universities, you may still be a little bit nervous (like I was) So, let me ease your concerns by sharing my student experience with you in this blog!

Life in Sweden

Despite my fears before arriving, life in Sweden has been pretty good; the famous subway stations, museums and palaces that are spectacular! There is also the nature, the rivers, the woods, the snow and the sun!


While studying in Sweden, you really experience all the seasons, the hottest of summers with water clean enough to swim in central (yes, central) Stockholm and the coldest of winters with a real winter fairytale! My teachers, classmates and the locals I have met have also been friendly and have made my experience a great one.