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InnoBlog: How diversity and inclusion prepare us for the future!

The concept of diversity and inclusion have been in the ‘talks’ for quite a few years. However, only recently did it gain traction as a growing number of organisations realised the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive representation of people. Diversity is an innate feature of the EIT InnoEnergy programmes as students come from all geographies and study in – at least – two different countries. But why is this important for personal and professional development?

What is diversity and inclusion?

Diversity, simply put, is the representation of different types of people. Often, people always limit diversity to just race and gender, but as much as race and gender form critical components of diversity, it also includes, nationality, religion, physical challenges, social standing and so on.


Inclusion is the intentional act of creating a welcoming environment for different types of people. Inclusion creates an atmosphere where everyone can prosper without being weighed down by their backgrounds. 

Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships

EIT InnoEnergy stimulates diversity and inclusion in its programmes through numerous ways, including dedicated scholarships for top students. For intake 2022, nine Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships (full fee waiver) are available amongst candidates accepted in application Rounds 1, 2 and 3:


Candidates who enrich the gender diversity of our programmes.


Candidates from EIT RIS (regional innovation scheme) countries.


Candidates with proven entrepreneurial experience (i.e., having set up their own venture).


For more information, visit Fees & Funding.