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04 October 2021

InnoBlog: exciting opportunities to launch a career in Belgium

Having studied the second year of my Master’s in Smart Electrical Networks and Systems at KU Leuven, I gained many insights to the shifting energy landscape in Belgium. If like me, you are looking to make KU Leuven your new home university you might be interested to know about country’s energy landscape and opportunities for young engineers!


Belgium is a small, population-dense country located in the heart of Europe. It has many interconnections with its neighbours such as: the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France, and the United Kingdom - and often experiences transit power flows, influenced by the amount of renewable generation in the European system. System expansion choices and energy policy in Belgium are therefore significantly implicated by these cross-European trends as well as changes in public opinion within the country itself.

Energy sources

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The balance between wind and nuclear energy

Energy transition challenges

The need for grid planning

Opportunities for young engineers

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KU Leuven Information Session

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