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InnoBlog: EIT & the European job market

Ever wondered what the EIT in front of InnoEnergy stands for? While I was researching InnoEnergy, I found EIT was funding a lot of different Master’s and short courses. A little digging and talking to the EIT InnoEnergy team made me realise how well the Master programmes are catered towards achieving Europe’s sustainability & renewable energy goals.  


The European Institute of Innovation and Technology is a European innovation body with a mission to educate a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators in Europe with an entrepreneurial mindset [1]. EIT InnoEnergy is one such branch of the EIT mission which caters to energy transition in Europe. With the increasing need to bring innovative technologies to foster a collective action towards climate change, EIT InnoEnergy’s educational partnerships focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. Furthermore, EIT’s strategies and goals are in line with the Horizon 2020 project goals, to improve Europe’s global competitiveness.

EIT Label

The EIT Label is used to certify programmes that have a strong focus on innovation skills and educate students to have knowledge of how to solve real-life problems by combining specialist knowledge and ‘training by doing’. The courses and tracks offered by EIT InnoEnergy cater to these requirements and are approved by the EIT board as necessary topics to focus on, for achieving the goal of making Europe globally competitive.

EIT’s impacts on job opportunities

By way of the Horizon 2020 project and the goals set by Europe, there are several new sectors of jobs being created within the energy sector. The EIT education programmes cater the learnings towards entrepreneurship, research and innovation. Whether it be a start-up or an MNC, these fields are key factors for the survival of the company. By being educated in all the aforementioned fields, EIT educated students can be at the forefront of the innovative ideas being put forward and researched.


In terms of job offerings, this opens the field of technological innovation (core engineering), business expansion (innovation in business & financial models) and managerial roles for strategising future works at a multinational corporationor a start-up. Having an educational background that is well rounded for the upcoming job market, is one of the best bets of the EIT InnoEnergy Master School.


By Malavika Venugopal, Master’s in Renewable Energy student 

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