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InnoBlog: Arriving at Aalto University

Moving to a new place can be really daunting! From the hassle of booking the flights to packing bags and then actually making the move. It is quite a stressful but also an exciting time for any student. In this article, I will be sharing my experience on what to consider while starting my studies at Aalto University.

After receiving the acceptance letter from EIT InnoEnergy to study at Aalto University, I was elated. Getting an offer from one of the best universities was surely a great and humbling opportunity. It also made me realise as an international student, that I would have a few extra procedures to take care of.

The first thing I had to take care of, was making sure I accepted the offer letter and enrolling myself as an attending student. This was also accompanied by paying the membership fee for the student union at the university known as AYY. AYY enables students to participate in different guilds or clubs according to each one’s interests. It was also mandatory to pay for the healthcare fee which may seem like an unnecessary expenditure initially, but in the long term, it is practically free/close to free to use their services. It was also essential to apply for a residence permit (relevant for international students) as soon as the offer letter is sent. These processes could take a long time. It is also easier to travel with a validated residence permit.

The next step after arriving in Finland is to visit the Digital Population Agency (DVV). I booked an appointment before leaving Portugal through their website. Visiting the DVV is mandatory as you will be officially registered as a resident of Finland only once you visit them with your residence permit, passport, and a few other documents.


Getting around the city can seem confusing. Taxis tend to be quite expensive. The most economical way is to use the train. You can also apply for student discounts once you register as a student. All rides are managed through an app called HSL. For taxis, apps like Yango and Uber work well too.


It is important to ensure you have housing arrangements ready before flying to Finland. Not having accommodation can prove to be quite an expensive and inconvenient affair as Airbnb and hostels tend to be quite expensive.

Virtual Open Day: Autumn edition

22 September 2022. 15.00 CEST. Have you ever wondered what EIT InnoEnergy’s university life is like? Register for our Virtual Open Day and find out how you can join one of our unique study destinations!


The live event will be packed with opportunities to speak to our staff, students and university guests such as: Aalto University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology offering you a taster of what it is like to be an EIT InnoEnergy student!