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How EIT InnoEnergy’s investments create new career opportunities for its Master’s students

Industrial value chains – especially with the shift towards green technologies – are shaping careers in sustainable energy in Europe. The European Union has sizable energy ambitions in the coming decades to assure this sector’s continued growth. These ambitions are primarily driven by the European Industrial Strategy, the foundation for Europe’s transition to a green and digital economy; and the European Green Deal, the cornerstone of the EU’s post-COVID recovery.

As the largest ecosystem of sustainable energy in Europe, EIT InnoEnergy is at the core of these initiatives. Therefore, it is investing in several projects to support Europe’s efforts and to create tons of new career opportunities for young European talent who join its Master’s programmes.

EIT InnoEnergy’s industrial value chain initiatives

Meet the exciting initiatives that embrace the core of the European Union’s goals – reaching climate-neutrality by 2050 while transforming climate and environmental challenges into opportunities:


  • The European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center (EGHAC), supported by Breakthrough Energy, aims to create half a million jobs across the entire value chain. It will advance green hydrogen – an integral part of decarbonising industry – by developing a 100 billion a year green H20 economy by 2025. This will create plenty of opportunities for talented young engineers such as Carina Krastel, graduate of EIT InnoEnergy  Master’s in Sustainable Energy Systems and recently appointed Commercial Director of EGHAC!
  • The European Battery Alliance (EBA) addresses the challenge of supplying capable batteries for migrating away from fossil to electric. The industrial development programme of the European Battery Alliance, the EBA250, is managed by EIT InnoEnergy. CEO Diego Pavia explains: “The EBA brings together more than 600 industrial, financial and innovation actors with the objective to build a strong, sustainable and competitive European industrial battery value chain, from mining to recycling.”
  • The European Solar Initiative (ESI) is anchored in the industrial strategy presented by the European Commission, which aims to scale up the solar PV industrial ecosystem in Europe – to reach 20 GW annual production capacity by 2025. It has been launched in cooperation with Solar Power Europe, a top employer of EIT InnoEnergy graduates.