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EIT InnoEnergy’s career focus leads to rising employment rates!

Employability is understandably one of the most important factors for university students. EIT InnoEnergy Master School graduates already had an exemplary employment rate within six months of graduation; however, the latest numbers show an impressive rate of 94% – an increase of 2% over the previous year!

Not only has employment increased, but more and more graduates choose a career in Europe after graduation. The most recent research shows that 77% of all graduates are placed in Europe (an increase of 5% versus 2020) with Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France and Sweden being the most popular countries.

As all of these numbers continue to rise, it’s clear that students are receiving the support they need and valuable access to the European energy industry. One of the primary ways this is achieved is through the EIT InnoEnergy Career Centre. which includes activities such as the Career Impact Programme. As Career Centre Coordinator Grace van den Boogaart says, the “EIT InnoEnergy Career Impact Programme is a year-long professional development programme designed to prepare our students for, and give them a smooth transition into, the competitive job market”.

A students’ experience

Central to the Career Impact Programme is matching up students with coaches that range from EIT InnoEnergy alumni to external professionals from industry.


Emilia Chojkiewicz, EIT InnoEnergy Master’s student, explains “My coach – a professional leadership coach – and I were a perfect match. Over the course of the year, my coach and I worked on various different things: we explored social styles and how I interact in a group; we analyzed the synergies and conflicts between different proclivities in my GC Index; we developed my decision-making skills; we worked on accelerating trust with new teams and colleagues; we built my brand; we mediated upon what I could do next.”