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EIT InnoEnergy cooperates with Brain Capital on a new tuition financing option!

Every student who desires to learn should have the opportunity to study at top European universities; however, funding can sometimes be a challenge. EIT InnoEnergy Master School wants to ensure that talented minds can access the education they will need to become an integral part of the energy transition.

Therefore, we are proud to announce a new cooperation with Brain Capital to help ensure that every European student has a new tuition funding option!

Study first, pay later

With the introduction of this new income sharing agreement, students can attend the EIT InnoEnergy programme of their choice without the fear of financial burden.


They receive funding up to 30,000 EUR, complete their studies, and then pay back later based on their salary. The repayment is a fixed percentage of your salary when a minimum income threshold is reached, and if you earn less than that minimum – repayment is postponed (i.e. parental leave, gap year).


And this mixed calculation model means that higher earners pay more than lower-income participants since the earning curve changes the payment curve. As Prof. dr. Frank Gielen, EIT InnoEnergy Education Director, explains: “We strongly believe this is a fair, solidary model that will open doors for EU/EEA and UK students who need financial support to study with us.”