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A new Year 1 option for Master’s in Energy Technologies students – Uppsala University in Sweden!

EIT InnoEnergy announces great news for incoming Master’s in Energy Technologies students starting September 2022… an exciting new option for their Year 1 studies! Uppsala University is the perfect choice for this innovative programme, offering students top-class research and a first-rate education at one of the highest ranked universities in the world. Now students have the choice of IST in Portugal or Uppsala in Sweden for their Year 1 studies – both fantastic options to better align their study plans with future employment and career goals.

A solid foundation

Albert Mihranyan, Professor in Nanotechnology & Functional Materials and Programme Coordinator of Master’s in Energy Technologies at Uppsala University shares, “the courses set a solid foundation in Electrical Engineering with a strong focus on Industrial Project Management, Decentralised Power Supply and Grid Integration, Energy Economics and Informatics, as well as Renewable Energy Technologies and Systems. Students gain a broad-based education in various key engineering disciplines with a focus on the sustainable energy sector. However, the programme also enables them to think in new ways about energy – with educational programmes and research opportunities across the entire spectrum of energy technologies – and students learn how innovation and entrepreneurship play a significant role in shaping this future industry.” A future that they can be part of!

Strong research, strong programme

Sustainable energy technologies are of strategic importance for Uppsala University, being well-aligned with national and pan-European goals. Professor Mihranyan explains, “we believe that strong research leads to strong educational programmes; therefore, all teachers are active scientists in their respective fields. In fact, the new Vice-Chancellor at Uppsala University is Prof. Anders Hagfeldt, one of the most prominent EU scientists in the field of solar technologies.” Uppsala University is also renowned for its innovation potential as the ecosystem for innovation support is one of the best in Sweden and highly competitive on an international level.

The Master’s in Energy Technologies programme

This new Year 1 option at Uppsala complements an already very innovative master’s programme. The EIT InnoEnergy MSc in Energy Technologies connects students to what is happening in the industry now through a diverse industry partner network – giving them an advantage while still studying. Programme highlights include the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Journey to see how new ideas come to market, the Siemen’s Energy Challenge where students learn to tackle real-life cases, a field trip to the Azores geothermal facilities to gain hands-on experience in the field, and the Battle of Green Talent to immerse in an online entrepreneurial ecosystem. Projects and (optional) internships are also an integral part of the programme to keep students well-connected to leading companies in the vast EIT InnoEnergy network.

A world of opportunities

Uppsala University – home of eight Nobel Prize winners – offers a world of opportunities to students from both a career and personal perspective. With a rich history as the oldest university in the Nordic countries, Uppsala boasts a wonderful student life that goes beyond their vast educational offerings and living cultural environment. Students have access to research cooperation with universities worldwide while enjoying a diverse and peer culture atmosphere of academic freedom. Uppsala City itself – a global research and innovation hub with top infrastructure – has won multiple climate awards and is working towards being fossil-fuel-free by 2030 and climate positive by 2050. It’s a most inspiring setting to study energy technologies!


If you’re ready to gain a solid foundation from which to meet tomorrow’s energy challenges, with the choice between two amazing top-class universities, you can find out more here.

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