Digital business & venturing for energy engineers
Digital business & venturing for energy engineers
Digital business & venturing for energy engineers

Develop new business driven by digitalisation in energy


Digital Business and Venturing for Energy Engineers is a tailored course that equips energy engineers with critical business and venturing skills needed in the rapidly developing digital environment. The course aims to enable participants to develop new digital businesses, become entrepreneurs or promote innovations within an existing company. This course is particularly recommended for those participating in the EIT InnoEnergy entrepreneurship competition, Battle of Green Talent.


Throughout the course, participants will learn how to recognise new business opportunities driven by digitalisation in energy and understand digital technologies that have an impact on the energy sector. Students will also discover the success factors of business models in the energy industry by analysing real-world business cases and applying their learnings to a business idea. Additionally, the course addresses must-know business themes for any growth business leader in the energy sector, such as financial statements, business strategy, company financing, and innovation management. Students will develop interaction and presentation skills, as well as master financial literacy, financial modeling, capital budgeting, opportunity recognition, value creation and capture, intellectual property rights, business plans, digitalisation and digital transformation.


This course is offered in cooperation with EIT InnoEnergy partner Aalto Advisors.


Course dates: 21 February – 15 March 2024.


Delivery: Live online course.


Course costs:  1,950 EUR (this course is free of charge for EIT InnoEnergy master’s students)


Schedule: every Wednesday and Friday from 18.00 – 20.00 CET.


Effort Level: 54 hours (equivalent to 2 ECTS)

  • Live online sessions: 16 hours.
  • Applying the learnings to your own business case: 38 hours.


Pre-requisites: This course is open only to first and second year students of EIT InnoEnergy Master’s programmes.*


*Registration for 2024 edition is closed.

During the course ‘Digital Business & Venturing for Energy Engineers’, we got a lot of insights on innovation, strategy, intellectual property rights and finance.


What will you learn?

You will learn how to implement the following activities in an energy startup:

  • Pricing & revenue generation
  • Value capture & value proposition
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Product development


Intended learning outcomes are as follows:


  • How to implement pricing & revenue generation in an energy startup (week 1)
  • How to implement value capture & value proposition in an energy startup (week 2)
  • How to implement go-to-market strategy in an energy startup (week 3)
  • How to implement product development in an energy startup (week 4)

How will you learn?

Digital Business and Venturing for Energy Engineers uses modern interactive pedagogical methods, including coaching, learning by doing, and flipped classrooms. 


In the beginning of each week, students receive an assignment to implement weekly thematic learnings in their own projects. Students present the results of the assignments on Fridays during flipped classroom sessions, followed by discussion and coaching aimed at improving the students’ own projects. If a student does not have a venture creation project, the student can also complete the weekly assignment by presenting on Friday the key takeaways from the Wednesday sessions. The students can work in teams or individually to complete the weekly assignments. The results of the assignments are presented in the form of a brief slide show presentation. 


Wednesday sessions are focused on industry examples and theoretical frameworks. Friday sessions are focused on flipped classrooms, in which students present the completed weekly assignments, followed by discussion and coaching. 

What will you achieve?

  • Concrete knowledge and skills in digital business and venturing in the energy industry.
  • Certificate of achievement from EIT InnoEnergy.

How much commitment does the course require?
How does one pass the course?
May I work on my own digital energy business case?
Will lectures be recorded / made available?
Is this course different from the “Data-driven business decision making” Summer School? Can I attend both?